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Jephte and Shawniece

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“Married At First Sight” is known for having infamous couples but there’s one particular from the Boston season whose (initially tumultuous) blind pairing viewers couldn’t get enough of.

Shawniece Jackson and Jephte Pierre have been married for three years now after meeting for the very first time while walking down the aisle. The season 6 couple was a perfect example of how growing in chemistry could result in a lasting union. They’ve defied the odds and stayed together even after Decision Day and after marital strife that included HARSH fan criticism, depression, and infidelity.

Recently the couple admitted on “Married at First Sight: Where Are They Now” that they’re not wearing their wedding rings until Jephte can upgrade his wife, and now mother to their baby girl, Laura, with an even bigger rock during a vow renewal.

They say you have to save up money for a big ring, right?” said Jephte.

BOSSIP recently spoke with these fan favorites about their forthcoming recommitment ahead of their television return tonight on Married at First Sight: Couples’ Cam. Not only that we talked Shawniece’s wig line, quarantine, and much more.

Check it out below.


What is it like quarantining at home with your spouse? Especially as parents.
“It’s been very busy in our house. With everyone home we have been working, cooking, cleaning, teaching, eating and most days it feels like the walls are closing in.”
Shawniece what’s it been like in quarantine as someone who works in the hair industry? Also, are you releasing new wigs from your line? We love your hair!
“Thank you! As a cosmetologist, a lot of the work I do can’t be done until we are in the clear. I work full time in the hospital as a wig fitter, but have been doing remote work helping in a different department. I have the wig business still running and a salon I’m renovating. So honestly I’ve been super busy trying stay busy in a time like this. We keep focused by seeing the bigger picture once the world opens up.”
We heard that you all aren’t wearing your rings until you renew your vows. When is the renewal ceremony—also, are we invited?
“We plan on renewing our vows when the time is right for us. Jephte wants to be able to give me a proposal. (I didn’t get that experience being MAFS) I honestly can’t wait because I can do all the fun things traditional wedding planning requires.”
Who was your favorite couple from season 10? 
“Jess & Austin was our fave [couple] for sure and no we weren’t surprised they stayed together. It was the perfect match. And they actually worked for their marriage! People forget that marriage is work – every single day.”
Can you all relate to any other MAFS couple that had to patiently grow into their love?
“Honestly, our MAFS Journey is very unique. I can’t say it was like any other couple because every marriage has/had its own experiences. The good, the bad, happy, and sad. I can say we’re happy to share a similar experience with other MAFS couples, but we are very much taking on marriage in our own created lane.”
What do you want viewers to learn about you on Couples Cam?
“We want people to see that not all marriages are the same and how much fun we have as a family. But we also don’t want to sugar coat anything and need people to see that there is no right way to marriage.”

Luckily for you, you can delve even deeper into their personal lives when Married at First Sight: Couples’ Cam premieres TONIGHT, Wednesday, May 20, at 8 p.m. ET. These two are one of eight successful MAFS couples giving viewers insight into their marriage in a self-shot program.

The others featured include (our recent reality recap guests) Deonna and Greg, Jamie and Beth, Anthony and Ashley, Jamie and Doug, Stephanie and AJ, Kristine and Keith, Danielle and Bobby and MAFS’ latest success story, Austin and Jessica.

Will YOU be watching???


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