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Now, THIS was some top tier television…

Wednesday’s highly anticipated “Married At First Sight” reunion did NOT disappoint and included two hours of blind marriage mayhem. Hosted by Kevin Frazier the reunion followed MAFS Decision Day where Austin and Jessica and Katie and Derek were the only two couples to stay together.

During the reunion, Katie and Derek announced that after five months (and a signed lease) they’re no longer married and Derek delivered a low blow saying that “Katie made it very easy NOT to fall in love with her.”


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He also revealed that Katie admitted to having an affair with THE EX she went on and on about from the beginning of the season. Katie tried to justify her actions saying that at the time of the hookup she and Derek had already agreed to “just be friends.” Derek later alleged that another cast member told him Katie cheated with the ex in the early days of their marriage.

Still, the huge highlight of the night came when Taylor sat down solo to talk her tumultuous marriage to Brandon. No longer married per Taylor’s choice at Decision Day and Brandon’s annulment filing, the two were apparently ARRESTED at a bar in Washington D.C. and now have restraining orders against each other.

MAFS Brandon and Taylor

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According to Taylor, a messy altercation took place when Brandon confronted her and her “platonic” male friend while the two were having drinks—coincidentally at a bar Brandon frequents/used to work.

Via a statement, Brandon said Taylor pushed him and alleged that he had proof of her aggressive behavior.

“She showed up to my local restaurant with another man, pushed me, and then called the cops to state that I had assaulted her. We both ended up going to jail since there was no evidence to support either of our claims that the other person was the aggressor. I have photos to support her aggressive behavior that night.”

Taylor denied it and told host Kevin Frazier that he followed her and her friend while they were leaving the bar and snapped pics of them while shouting; “I got you b***!” She also denied an allegation Brandon made in his police report that said she was “making out” with the man in Brandon’s face.

“We definitely weren’t kissing, we definitely weren’t holding hands, we definitely weren’t doing any of that.”

Fans [and MAFS alum Jamie] didn’t buy that story at all.

There’s lots more to unpack here, like a court date attended by SEVERAL fellow “Married At First Sight” cast members; hit the flip.

In another shocking twist, fellow MAFS cast members Meka, Michael, Katie, and Mindy told Kevin Frazier that they had to go to court as character witnesses for Brandon and Taylor. And while of course, most were on Taylor’s side, LIEchael Michael said he believed Brandon’s story that Taylor purposely brought her “boyfriend” to Brandon’s bar and said there was “blame on both sides.”


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Then when he was pressed to speak on behalf of his friend, he stormed out and told Kevin he was uncomfortable doing that because he and Brandon are black men. SPOILER: Kevin Frazier is ALSO a black man and he didn’t buy Michael’s BS.

Oh, and if you’re wondering which spouses from different marriages considered being more than friends, it was Katie and Zach. Katie revealed that Zach asked her to get drinks to “catch up” and an irate Mindy apparently told them both via text, “f** you!”

Katie admitted that after seeing how he treated Mindy during their marriage on TV, she has no interest in him.

Sure thing, Katie.


Did YOU say yes to the #MAFS reunion??? What are your thoughts on last night’s drama???

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