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Krishan Trotman,

Source: Courtesy of Nicole Mayhorn Photography / Nicole Mayhorn Photography

Krishan Trotman has made her name as one of just a handful of successful African American editors at a major publishing house.

But Trotman, the executive editor of Hachette Publishing, and behind bestsellers by Rep. John Lewis and Malcolm Nance, now finds herself on the other end of the publishing spectrum as she gears up to release her own tomes about the lives of social justice champions Elizabeth Warren, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Nancy Pelosi, and Maxine Waters.

“Queens of the Resistance” is four pocket-sized biographies focused on the lives of these extraordinary movers and shakers in American politics and sheds light on their early beginnings and their ascent into the heart of the country’s political life.

“I just feel like our stories are not told,” Trotman told BOSSIP on what inspired her to write “Queens of the Resistance.” “I want to celebrate them and how normal they are and being unapologetic in life. Their legacy shows us that you just don’t have to do one thing, and you can make a difference wherever you are in life.”

Krishan Trotman,

Source: Courtesy of Nicole Mayhorn Photography / Nicole Mayhorn Photography

Trotman herself stumbled on publishing by coincidence. She was majoring in English at City College in New York City and a black book editor came to speak to her class. Trotman said she was blown away.

“She started talking about her books and her vision,” she said, “and I was like ‘woo!’ This is the woman who I want to work for!”

Trotman scored an internship with the editor, and when the editor’s assistant moved on, she was promoted. The rest is history.

She hopes the “Queens of the Resistance” will inspire her readers to think big, and empower women especially not to give up on their life’s aspirations.

“I want them to take away that it’s never too late to be a changemaker,” she said, “it’s never too late to develop and hone your power and your skills.”

“Queens of the Resistance” by Brenda Jones and Krishan Trotman is available for preorder now and will publish June 30th.


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