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A videography company is facing a ton of backlash online after refusing to provide a refund to a man whose partner died in a car crash prior to their wedding.

Justin Montney’s bride-to-be, Alexis Wyatt, was tragically killed in a car crash back in February. He paid $1,800 to Copper Stallion Media for their wedding, which was set for May in Colorado Springs.

According to reports from Denver 7, the company not only denied Montney a refund, but also threatened to pursue legal action in response to one of his family member’s negative reviews on Montney contacted the KRDO news team for assistance, telling the publication that even though he understands he signed a non-refundable contract, he believes the circumstances warrant an exception. Justin went on to say that the company offered to use his payment on a future wedding.

Once this story started to spread, it garnered national attention, which led to the negative reviews on Yelp and everywhere elsewhere piling up for Copper Stallion Media. This led to an interesting response from the videography company, who started to mock Montney.

“Life is a b***h, Justin,” one message on the site said. In a message shared to Facebook, the company shared its wish that Montney “sob and cry all day” on his would-be wedding date after attempting to “shake us down for a refund.”

While Montney did sign a contract agreeing to a non-refundable deposit, the media company mocking him online is a whole new low–especially using his fianceé’s passing against him. Since this went down, many folks online have spoken out in defense of Justin, criticizing the business practices of the wedding videography company.

There’s no news yet on whether or not this shaming from the public has gotten Copper Stallion Media to consider a refund.



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