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Progress is being made in the case of the unarmed shooting death of Breonna Taylor, but not enough. As previously reported Breonna Taylor was killed by Louisville police, the same force that killed local legend BBQ Man” #DavidMcAtee.

Police served a no-knock warrant at *Taylor’s apartment and Breonna’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, shot one of the unannounced cops in the ruckus. Police fired 22 times into the home hitting Breonna six times as she and Walker were in the hallway approaching the door.

Now we see some progress even as her killers remain free.

Wave3 reports that Louisville’s Metro Council Public Safety Committee unanimously passed a ‘Breonna’s Law’ proposal yesterday severely limiting and monitoring the use of no-knock warrants. The proposal will go to the full Metro Council for a vote on June 11.

If it’s passed Breonna’s law will:

“Ban no-knock warrants in drug possession cases, leaving very few exceptions that officers would have to justify more thoroughly. That’s before it’s reviewed by the SWAT commander and police chief. If the chief is unable, he can designate someone no lower than the rank of major to do so.

The Metro Council Public Safety Committee would review all no-knock warrants four times a year with quarterly reports going beyond just numbers.

All officers serving any search warrant must have body cameras recording no less than five minutes before the warrant is executed and footage can be held for a minimum of five years.”

Progress, but we’re not finished yet.

Writer Cate Young has an action item for all of us. She recently launched an initiative called #BirthdayForBreonna noting that this Friday, June 5, would have been Breonna Taylor’s 27th birthday. On Friday she wants the Louisville Attorney General’s office flooded with birthday cards for Breonna and a call for them to arrest and charge the officers involved with her death.


If you can’t send in a card, then you’re encouraged to take action another way, they include signing a Change.Org petition that’s amassed 3 million signatures and using an automated email template to email the Attorney General.

See the action items below.


Sign the official petition calling for justice in Breonna Taylor’s case. It only takes a minute.



Donate directly to Breonna’s family using the Gofundme link below. Any little bit helps even if you don’t have much to give. Let’s get them to their $500,000 goal for her birthday.



Send an email directly to the Kentucky Attorney General, the Mayor and the Governor. The link below will open a fully scripted email in your mail app, already addressed. Fill out the fields for your name and location and send! Easy peasy. Let’s make sure they’re hearing about Breonna Taylor no matter where they look.



2a. Send a birthday card (or letter, or postcard!) to the Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, demanding that he lay charges against the officers who killed Breonna.

Address your cards as follows:

Office of the Attorney General

700 Capital Avenue, Suite 118

Frankfort, Kentucky 40601-3449

2b. If you can, also send a card to Louisville Metro Mayor Greg Fischer demanding that he fall in line and support charges for her killers.

Address those cards as follows:

Mayor Greg Fischer

527 W Jefferson Street #600

Louisville KY 40202

2c. If you cannot physically get a card in time, use the link below to select and mail one online. Postable will print, and mail a card for your for $4.00 USD, postage included.

Let these men know that we haven’t forgotten her, and she deserved to be alive to celebrate her birthday.




Let’s get Breonna Taylor the justice she so deserves.





*Editor’s Note: It was originally reported that police served the warrant at the wrong house, based on widespread reports as well as a tweet from Benjamin Crump. However, the detective who obtained the search warrant for Taylor’s apartment, Joshua Jaynes was fired for violating department procedures surrounding truthfulness and warrant preparation by Louisville’s Interim Police Chief Yvette Gentry who said Jaynes used information that was “not only inaccurate; it was not truthful” according to Courier Journal reports. Additionally, we originally reported that Breonna Taylor was struck by 8 bullets while she slept, but it was later confirmed she was hit six times and died in the hallway after she and Kenneth Walker attempted to go to the door.



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