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Sammie is byke and grown as hell. The 33-year-old

R&B Heartthrob, Sammie, debuted his highly anticipated fifth studio album, ‘Such Is Life’ today, Friday, June 5th!

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‘Such Is Life’ or as the French say, “C’est la vie,” is a pretty popular saying, as it refers to an event that has happened that you must accept, because you know that this is the way life is.

Sammie says: “Such Is Life… I’ve learned that the process is what I should fall in love with. Not the results. Everything good, and bad has molded me into the man that I am. Roll with the punches. Live, learn and grow.”

And now that he’s stepped full into his manhood it’s only right that Sammie has a song for event life. The first single released, “Friend Zone” is about something we all have experienced… Getting put in the “friends only” box when interested, and curious about the possibility of having more with someone special in your life. Check out the lyric video below:


Sammie Such Is Life Artwork

Source: Cheng Sok

On the second single, Sammie and Rotimi give every woman the reassurance that it is okay to be “Picky” about who you choose to be with. Followed by the third single, “All Night,” gets seriously sexy, as Sammie promises to deliver a night of pleasure. “We gon’ be awhile (Ooh, oh, oh, oh) We gon’ be awhile We gon’ be all night.” Though Sammie recorded this album months ago, the last single on this project entitled “Peace,” is incredibly fitting with the world’s current social climate. The song is a man’s cry out for his woman to be his PEACE, and the lyrics are telling of how a black man feels in America today.

“Fly to the money, trying to get home safely. Cops trying to kill me, driving while black I guess I’m guilty. My queen at home don’t kill me. The world need cleaning (oh so filthy). My momma needs something, my Daddy needs something. My siblings need something. The world needs something. I’m just one man and all I’m wanting is some Peace. If I make it home tonight, Baby hold me tight. Baby be my Peace, ’cause I need you girl. I got to fight the world. Heeeeyyy, Baby be my Peace.”

SUCH IS LIFE was executive produced by Sammie L. Bush and Anthony “Skino” Lopez IV.

SUCH IS LIFE is available on all platforms now, you can order it HERE


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