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House And Senate Democrats Unveil Policing Reform And Equal Justice Legislation

Source: Chip Somodevilla / Getty

Okay, let’s start with the good: Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats came together to create a new Justice In Policing Act. They were supported by the Congressional Black Caucus in their efforts to create a world where Black people aren’t ravaged by police misconduct. Their plan included:

• A ban on chokeholds
• A ban on no-knock warrants
• Require use of bodycams
• A call to the demilitarization of the police
• An end to the practice of racial profiling
• Limit qualified immunity
• Create a police misconduct database
• Make lynching a federal crime

That’s great. Nothing wrong with that. We support it. However, they could have done without this.

They all took a knee to honor George Floyd. Great. They did it while wearing KENTE CLOTH. This set the entire internet on fire as people saw this as prime pandering and unnecessary. Just give us our rights and leave all that extra mess alone.

Hit the flip and see just how badly this calamity got them clowned to hell.

“White people are doing the most while still somehow refusing to do the bare minimum.

The Kente cloth has sent me to the upper room.

Exhibit A:”

“Please, please people, we must hide the rest of the kente cloth before Joe Biden gets to it”

“All this dancing, kneeling, and kente cloth says more about what those doing it actually think of Black people than anything. They think that all they have to do is cosplay and we’ll all forget countless murders in an instant.”

“The black intern pressing “purchase” on the kente cloth order”

“Aside from the kente cloth, it’s really bothering me that everyone is taking a knee “for” George Floyd when he died because some pig put his knee into George’s neck.”


Nancy Pelosi in kente.

I really need the guidance of my Ghanian ancestors because chale…..”

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“I know we are in unexpected times and anything is possible but listen man I did not have “Pelosi in Kente cloth” on the bingo card”

“Who was intern that said, “You know what’ll drill home the point? KENTE CLOTH.””

“The fact the CBC handed those kente stoles out — it be ya own………..”




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