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Source: Victoria McGraw-@victoriasaidit / Radio One Digital

It seems like everything Lizzo does online is ripe for all kinds of controversy. She goes to a basketball game? Controversy. She performs? Scandal. She exercises? The internet blows up.

That’s exactly what happened this week when Lizzo posted a video of her workout. She let the world know that she has been working out for five years and you know what happened next:

People got all up in arms over her posting a workout because *confused hands*. We don’t know why people are upset. First they say she is unhealthy then she is working out and now people say she is doing something wrong?

The internet started fighting over Lizzo again and descended into chaos. Hit the flip to see it…

“Me pulling up to my first NASCAR race since they’ve made it negro friendly now”

“Anyone can watch Lizzo’s onstage performance onstage and see that she is CLEARLY healthy, strong, and has amazing stamina. Lizzo literally plays the flute as she performs. Y’all hate seeing Lizzo love herself and that is so f**** weird.”

“Instead of saying : “she’s healthy she works out and dances on stage for hours”

Say: “it doesn’t matter if Lizzo works out or not, she’s not obligated to prove her health status, nor to be healthy”


“Again: that’s how I know y’alls bullshit “health” takes on Lizzo are disingenuous. I mean………she’s showing y’all a workout and y’all STILL find a way to s*** on her. Y’all don’t get tired?”

“Lizzo: *exercises and does intense routines on stage*

People who have their first meal at 5:30 pm which consists of an iced coffee and gum: omg she’s so unhealthy”

“We’re in a whole movement about better equality for black people and respect. AND THERE ARE STILL BLACK PEOPLE JEALOUS AND ANGRY THAT LIZZO EXIST. What happen to Black Lives Matter? Doesn’t count if we don’t fit your mold huh? BLACK LIVES MEANS PLUS SIZE, TRANS, LGBTQ+, ETC.”

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“Lizzo is probably in better shape than like 85% of us. My ass gets winded carrying clean clothes from the basement up two flights of steps”



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