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“Can’t nobody tell me that because I’m light my struggle ain’t as hard as yours…”

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Tammy Rivera has a message for fellow black women being divisive about their skin tone; it’s time to let it go. Colorism is, of course, unfortunately still rampant in the black community, and in recent days rapper Asian Doll called out light-skinned women saying “Black lives matter” after bullying their darker-skinned counterparts.

“Alot of light skin girls posting ‘black lives matter’ like you hoes not racists too,” she tweeted. “Y’all bullied darkskin girls all our life thinking y’all was better then us, talked bout our skin color, called us monkeys. You hoes FRAUD but keep spreading fake love you hoes will NEVER understand us…[…] “Light skin b*tches way evil and jealous to darkskin girls then the white folks but that’s a different racist topic.”

She then doubled down on her post….

and was backed up by the likes of makeup artist Aaliyah Jay, who is lighter-skinned, and said it was true.


It’s unclear if Asian Doll’s comments caused it, but Tammy Rivera spoke out this week on light-skinned women and dark-skinned women being pitted against each other. The reality star brought up the “Paper Bag Test”, a form of discrimination where preference was awarded to a woman whose skin tone was the color of a brown paper bag or lighter. According to Tammy, it’s wreaked havoc on the black community and she’s encouraging everyone to “stop the cycle” and teach our children better.

“I feel like us as grown women now we have all been subjected to a lot of things as women of color, we’ve all been subjected to being bullied. […] I’ve had people tell me you act like a dark skinned girl, you don’t act like a red girl.”


But I think instead of us bickering about it as grown women and making it worse by saying, ‘Oh, you light skin b*****s have been bullying us,’ or, ‘You dark skin b*****s have been bullying us,’ how about you teach your children different so that this cycle can stop? This can be over with. We can stop this ourselves,” said Rivera.

She also added that she too has struggled because of her skin tone, so it’s not just an issue for dark-skinned women.

“This is the whole agenda of what they were trying to do in the beginning when they created the paper bag rule to have us go against each other. And hate each other when we all got the same d**n struggle. Can’t nobody tell me that because I’m light my struggle ain’t as hard as yours. That’s a got damn lie.”


What do YOU think about Tammy Rivera’s colorism comments??? She’s right, racism doesn’t care about your skin tone, but some people think she’s being “tone deaf” by saying that she’s been affected by colorism.




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