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Vanessa Bryant and her daughter, Natalia, are dealing with the hardest thing anyone has ever to go through: losing your loved ones. While the constant love and support from fans may be comforting at times, it has to be difficult constantly having people bring up the fact that your husband/father and daughter/sister passed away so tragically.

Following Kobe and Gianna Bryant’s passing, an influx of fan pages were formed documenting old photos of them and their family. Five months have gone by, and hundreds of pages are still posting these photos of Kobe and Gigi everyday, so Vanessa and Natalia made the tough decision to make their pages private and block those fan accounts in an effort to stop the constant reminders of their lost loved ones.

“Thx so much for all the [love]. @nataliabryant and I have unfortunately had to block fan pages because it’s been really hard to go online and constantly see pics of our beloved Gigi and Kobe under every single square of our explore pages,” Vanessa wrote in an Instagram story. “Blocking the fan pages has helped change the algorithim. We [love] you but please understand that we had to do this for our own healing not because we don’t appreciate your [love]. Xo”

Natalia posted a similar message, writing, “Many of you may have noticed the recent switch to a private account. My mom and I have had to unfortunately block fan pages because they keep reposting our pics. This makes it 10x harder to deal with our loss. We hope that people understand that although these fan pages have good intentions, they make moving forward harder since they are constant reminders. Blocking the accounts have helped change the algorithm but we can not go public until the fan pages stop. We love all of your sweet intentions and hope you understand.”

Having to lose two family members at the same time is hard enough, but trying to distract yourself with some light-hearted content on Instagram only to be reminded of those losses at every turn is a whole other struggle completely.

Hopefully these fan pages listen to Vanessa and Natalia’s wishes and stop posting triggering photos.



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