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Martin Gugino, a 75-year-old, become a sympathetic figure in the George Floyd protest after he had his head cracked open by Buffalo police who pushed him to the ground for absolutely no reason.

Several news outlets have reported that Mr. Gugino has been in the hospital with pretty severe injuries related to his fractured skull.

Today, TMZ is reporting that Gugino’s lawyer Kelly Zarcone has told them that her client cannot return to his home because of the plethora of death threats against him. It is reported that most of the threats are coming from people who believe the unfounded rumor that this elderly septuagenarian is a frequent social agitator who has been allegedly arrested over 300 times. Additionally, there are claims that he has incited riots for decades.


It didn’t help that the d!ckhe@d-in-chief sent out this baseless and flame-fanning tweet:

Just to be very clear, Donald has NO proof of this accusation. None.

If this man is an ANTIFA crisis actor who is secretly plotting to obstruct police from intervening with protesters than he has a very strange way of showing it. Seems to us that the best way to start a riot is to have an un-cracked skull and not be in the hospital learning how to walk again.

For the record, Zarcone says that Gugino has only been arrested four times in his life all for peaceful protesting. Things have gotten so heated that Zarcone says even she is receiving threats of torture and worse.

This world is unraveling at a rapid pace.



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