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It’s been four years since transracial white woman of color Rachel Dolezal proudly posted her Juneteenth celebration on Twitter in a genuinely befuddling moment that sparked hilarious chaos across the internet.

If you recall, she lived as a braided, kente-clothed, Black baby-raising woman who believed she, too, was African-American while fully immersed in our culture despite being 100% white which, naturally, led to the most surreal scandal in recent memory.

Whew, sister Rachel was TRIPPIN’ trippin’ during her 15 minutes of fame that were extended with her mostly ignored Netflix Doc “The Rachel Divide” that marked the end of her ridiculous reign as the most delusional white woman on Beyoncé’s internet.

Hit the flip for a flashback to sister Rachel getting roasted for celebrating Juneteenth.

“Sideshow Bo….I mean Rachel Dolezal is celebrating #Juneteenth” – and was soooo proud

“Yassss Black Queen” – she just knew she was killin’ it in that headwrap

“Thanks White lady!” – she was so woke and supportive

“You have a serious mental illness” – we can neither confirm nor deny this butttttt

“Rachel Dolezal has Juneteenth’d harder than me” – *most of us

Even brother Bernie was like ‘no maam!’

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Completely and utterly ridiculous

Our exact reaction to all of her shenanigans

“Here go Rachel with the foolishness”


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