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Tiffany Haddish became super emotional as she opened up for the first time about being sexually assaulted. Haddish, a then-teenage foster child says she was raped by a police cadet when she was 17-years-old. The actress spoke candidly while appearing on “Hustling with Vivica A. Fox” podcast about the incident.

“Nobody really helped me…I had to learn revenge is not really where it’s at. Really the true revenge is in your success. Like, just let God handle it…I don’t know why I thought these police would do something to this other police officer because he took advantage of me. It wasn’t even taking advantage…just TOOK me. I’m glad he didn’t kill me or anything but that was really traumatizing and really messed me up for a long time.”

Sadly for Tiffany, she says she told several people, including her social worker at the time and no one could help. She was never able to hold her assaulter accountable.

The comedienne says she then tried to cope by making jokes about the assault, thinking of herself as a “sexy kid”, but she realized it wasn’t healthy after seeking therapy.

Here is a clip from the show, record by ItsOnsite.

Just, wow. If you’ve ready Tiffany’s book, The Last Black Unicorn, she talks about dating a police officer thinking he would be a good person and help her find her dad who had been missing her whole life since she was a child.

You can listen to Tiffany’s full conversation with Vivica Fox here.



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