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Terry Crews really doesn’t it get it and he’s serving no one but himself with his consistently ridiculous thought process.

Yesterday, we reported that Sir-Pecs-A-Lot was getting severe backlash for a tweet that suggested that the current movement for Black equality under the law could “morph” into a movement that encourages “Black supremacy” whatever the f**k that is. We are currently a little under 13% of the U.S. population. We’re positive that no one thinks that we’re about to be warlords of a nation dominated by white bodies.

Roland Martin invited Terry onto his Roland Martin Unfiltered Daily Digital Show to talk about the tweet, the backlash, and to give Terry a chance to explain what he meant. We watched the video and we still have no idea what the hell this man is talking about. He rambles on about “being allowed to have different views” and how all races in America need to be included in the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Sir, are you dumb or blind? Have you not seen the muthaf***in’ United Colors Of Benetton outside during the most recent protests and rebellions. Let’s be clear, Black people are outside fighting for our rights, but those crowds are chocked-FULL of white folks, Asian, brown people, Hispanic and Latinx folks. That iconic drone shot of the protest in Hollywood looks so incredible precisely because you can tell that “everyone” is there.

If you have the patience, press play on the video clip below to watch the conversation.



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