Hussy-In-Training: The Newborn Set

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

These miniature stillettos called Heelarious are designed for baby girls between the ages of 0 and 6 months.

And this is only part of the disturbing trend of hussy-wear for young girls:

Supermarket giant Tesco was criticized for launching padded bras for girls as young as seven. [called the] “bust-booster.”

[Another company called] Asda was also condemned for marketing black lacy underwear to nine-year-old girls.

Unfortunately, this sounds a little too familiar. Seriously folks. What is this world coming to?


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  • african_4_eva

    Good Morning Everyone!!!!!…First!

  • danielle

    The bra and panties went too far, but these shoes don’t seem so bad & with a name like “heelarious” they seem to be poking fun at themselves.

  • Aunt Viv

    Those shoes are ugly. No way I’d subject babies to that!

  • sickofit

    So Sad, and you wonder why they end up butt naked wrestling with R Kelly.

  • Lauren

    LMAO@ These ugly ass shoes….

    Okay don’t condemn the companies, condemn the stupid asse mothers who buy them for thier children, its not like a seven year old is gonna walk to Tesco and buy herself some lace panties…SMDH

  • Re (They're only your friends when you've got Snickers)

    That is a very appropriate title for these shoes, because they are “Heelarious.” I do NOT agree with little children in high heels…and the designer did a terrbile job anyway.

  • Re (They're only your friends when you've got Snickers)

    *terrible job* spell check

    LOL @Sickofit

    So funny but true.

  • sickofit

    The shoes are cute but the other stuff is too much. What is the rush to make little girls look like big girls. My step daughter (13) went to stay with her mom for a few months she came back with a tattoo and a nose ring. Her mother need her ass kick, why would you let a 13 year old get a tattoo and her nose pierced?

  • Keesha

    @ sick of it


  • Aunt Viv

    “So Sad, and you wonder why they end up butt naked wrestling with R Kelly.”


    I’m on the floor!

  • candyice83

    First of all these shoes are ridiculous…Second, if these young ass mothers would stop trying to play dress-up wit they’re children and thinking the shyt is cute we would have this problem. The parents are obviously buying them so the companies will contiue to produce what the consumer is buying. Horrible ain’t it!

  • Moreaces

    Jesus Take the Wheel

  • Re (David Hasselhoff is the best singer ever!)

    These shoes look like flats somebody glued a stick on the bottom of, but moved it while it was still wet, so no it’s slanted.

  • Re (David Hasselhoff is the best singer ever!)

    *now its slanted*

  • candyice83

    *my last comment…typo*

    …we WOULDN’T have this problem…

  • ms braided beauty chicagos own stepper

    I would not put that crap on my daughter and they are some trash for putting that ish on the market!!!

  • ms braided beauty chicagos own stepper

    what…… stripper poles… oh they need to be boycotted….and they gor the nerve to call Miss Tina Knowles clothes line trashy… pulease…..stripper poles… they need their azzes beat down!!!!

  • bree is an OBAMA supporter.. YES WE CAN!

    LMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAO 0-6 months? yeah right! this is for the 3-7 y/o who like play dress up and have tea parties with the stuffed teddy bears.. 0-6 months is inappropriate


    Too badd for me who found them in a local store here in ST Louis and bought both of my lil nieces a pair…….And they looked so cute that I have promo’d these to my whole job (YES IN CORPORATE AMERICA) and have all the women there buying them….OMG I just think they are to funny..they are a conversation piece

  • beautiful b

    fyi ** my comment was concerning the padded bra’s not the shoes. i mean seriously, they are for dress up. some of us let or daughters were make up when they play dress up it doesnt mean it everyday life.

  • Z

    the real question is how many mofos on here is going to buy that ish for their kids?

  • Nita

    pedophile marketing.

  • justmoi

    Just a lil’ bit of extra info ASDA is part of the American WAL-MART chain, here in the UK.

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    What the “heel”?!??! This is ridiculous…

  • vachick

    ha those are funny…big diff between these lil tacky funny shoes which the baby will NEVER remember or be influenced by vs a bra or lace panties on a 9 year old that is old enough to be influenced by…id prolly by those shoes as a gag gift or somethin to put on my baby for a couple mins like ha ha i can see tha humor in tha lil cotton heels

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