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A Female Nurse Wearing a Gown, Surgical Face Mask, Gloves, and a Face Shield Places a Used Cotton Swab into a Test Tube Held by Another Nurse in a Drive-Up COVID-19 Testing Line Outside a Medical Clinic/Hospital Outdoors

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The situation surrounding COVID-19 only continues to grow more severe, which, unfortunately, isn’t very surprising considering the lack of concern from our federal government.

In its latest numbers report, the United States has topped more than 3 million cases of the coronavirus. According to reports from NBC News, in addition to surpassing 3 million total cases, the U.S. also reported more than 46,500 new cases on Tuesday alone.

It’s not hard to recognize that these numbers show the contrast between what the Trump administration is telling people, and what’s actually going on. Like earlier this week, when Donald Chump took to Twitter to falsely claim that the U.S. had “just about the lowest [coronavirus mortality rate] in the world.” According to CNN, at least 14 of the 20 countries “most affected by” COVID-19 have lower mortality rates than the United States.

While many citizens seemed on-board with the reopening of non-essential businesses last month out of pure boredom, it’s pretty clear now that decision is what has led to such a stark increase in numbers. In a public warning this week, Dr. Anthony Fauci—director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases—pushed back against the Trump administration’s messaging on the virus, trying to give people a more accurate look at what’s really going on.

“You’re part of the propagation of the pandemic so it’s your responsibility to yourself, as well as to society, to avoid infection,” Fauci said during a recent livestream event. “That’s the message, I know it’s difficult to get out to young people, but they really need to understand that.”


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