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The scary story about the black Indiana man who a racist white mob threatened to lynch has taken has a new turn. As previously reported Vauhxx Rush Booker of Monroe County, Indiana shared a disturbing Facebook video of a July 4 incident where he was attacked by a mob of white men who threatened him and accosted him leading to a concussion, abrasions, bruising and ripped out patches of his hair. He also said one of the men stood on his neck and he heard one of them say “get a noose” during the shocking attack.

Now Booker’s story is catching the attention of the FBI whose investigating it as a hate crime, reports Booker’s attorney, Katherine Liell. According to Liell, the FBI was questioning witnesses and charging decisions could be made soon.

“We want this investigated as a hate crime. It was clearly racially motivated,” Liell said according to “We will continue our quest every day until some justice is served.”

Liell also complained that law enforcement officers with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources “did not move rapidly enough” in response to reports of the attack. She said their failure to make arrests at the scene warrants further investigation from other law enforcement agencies, reports WFMJ. Booker previously said that teh IDNR came to the scene to question what happened but declined to arrest anyone.

Chris Bavender, an FBI spokeswoman also confirmed the claim saying; “The FBI is investigating. We have no further comment.”

The news comes after a protestor was knocked unconscious and a man was dragged both by a car at a protest for Vauhxx Booker. Police Capt. Ryan Pedigo told The Associated Press that Chasity Mottinger, 29, was struck after putting her hands on the hood of a vehicle and Geoff Stewart, 35, then grabbed the driver’s side of the car and held on as the vehicle continued to accelerate. The driver fled the scene but has since been arrested and identified as Christi Bennett, 66.

Bennett was charged with two counts of criminal recklessness, both felonies, and two counts of leaving the scene of an accident, one a felony and the other a misdemeanor, court records show. She’s since been released on $500 bond.

Vauxx himself has spoken out on her arrest.


Justice for Vauhxx Booker. We expect to see mugshots of the men who assaulted him VERY SOON.


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