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Close-up of Businesswoman Disinfecting Phone With Wet Wipe in city. She is Wearing Protective Face Mask.

Source: Morsa Images / Getty

Here’s a little caucasity audacity mixed with lies and cultural appropriation. It’s like a bigotry buffet. Grab a little of whatever you like.

According to a TMZ report, a Black woman in Florida was called a “good little slave” by another woman as they were waiting for the bus. The racist quip was spewed because the Black woman was, wait for it…putting on her COVID-19 protective mask. Because, ya know, we’re in a pandemic that is killing people.

It all popped off in Pasco County, Florida where it is mandated that people wear masks when entering enclosed spaces like, for example, a bus. For some reason, the act of seeing another person wearing a mask set Kareñ off and she just couldn’t help but run her spaghetti-thin lips to shoot off the offensive slur. In front of her children, no less.

When the Black woman called her out on video, the Kareñ tried to justify her words by saying that she’s Mexican…


Peep the Instagram post that the attacked woman posted.

Like many of us, “Meg” is sick and tired of the bulls#!t.

We feel you, Meg. We absolutely do. Also, f**k Florida. SMH.



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