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If it ain’t one thing, it’s a muthaf***in’ other!

COVID-19 is ravaging America and every day the pandemic grows worse as ignorant, selfish, disrespectful people walk around maskless angrily volleying their potentially rona-laden breath into the air for all of us to inhale into our respiratory system. F**k those people.

Speaking of f***ing. Word on the street is that if you, gentlemen, do partake in some entanglement during the coronavirus era, you might come up a little short. Pun intended.

According to a report on KTSM, new studies show that COVID-19 might affect men sexually in a way that women who want to have children might not dig too tough. A JAMA study done last month took the semen of 38 men who had tested positive for COVID-19 and 15% of them had traces of the virus in their sample. Dr. John Aitken says that coronavirus can reduce the amount of testosterone that it takes to fight viral attack. Thus, the testes are subject to be transmitters during intercourse just like HIV, herpes, HPV etc.

“It should be emphasized spermatozoa have a demonstrable capacity to carry viral infections from the male to the female reproductive tract,” said Aitken. “As happens during the sexual transmission of Zika, for example.”

COVID-19 can produce a hormone called angiotensin II that can lead to sperm cell death.

Bottom line, it’s safer to get an OnlyFans account than to be out trying to smash some cakes to smithereens. Fellas, if you have had COVID-19, maybe get your sperm checked out just to make sure everything is what it’s supposed to be.


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