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Artists Paint Black Lives Matter Mural On Minneapolis Street

Source: Stephen Maturen / Getty

Black Lives Matter isn’t a controversial statement. It isn’t even a political statement. It’s a statement of fact. Statements of fact don’t need counterpoints.

However, if you let a socially-corrosive Karen in Redwood City, California tell it, there are “alternative facts” that she desperately needs to publicize. According to a NYDailyNews report, Redwood City power washed a Black Lives Matter mural away after they had already given artist Daniel Pease permission to emblazon the social justice mantra on the street during a July 4th party.

Initially, the mural was commissioned to stand until the paint naturally wore away but the city reneged on their agreement after Karen made a request. She wanted “MAGA 2020” to be painted on the same street…

By all means, feel free to visualize the Mykelti Williamson GIF from Waiting To Exhale right now.

A local lawyer, an immigrant at that, named Maria Rutenberg said she wanted to “get her message out too”.


Here’s what Pease told the San Mateo Times about the city’s decision:

“I’m not upset the piece is being taken down because it’s just words on the street. It doesn’t represent real change. What is upsetting and frustrating is someone who disagrees with the thought of ‘Black Lives Matter’ has the audacity to come out with … a comparable counter punch to ‘Black Lives Matter.’ That to me is disgusting,”




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