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Orlando Magic v Brooklyn Nets

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Jonathan Isaac was the number 1 trending topic on Twitter yesterday for several hours after the Orlando Magic played the Brooklyn Nets in the re-start of the 2019-2020 NBA season. Jonathan wasn’t trending because he made an incredible game-winning shot. Jonathan wasn’t trending because he posterized some poor sap who thought he had a chance to block a dunk. Jonathan wasn’t trending because he broke some scoring record. Jonathan Isaac was trending because he refused to take a knee during the National Anthem and refused to wear a Black Lives Matter t-shirt. In doing so, Jonathan became the first and only NBA player to “cross the picket line” so to speak while the rest of the players and coaches took a knee in support of the social justice movement.

Isaac’s name went straight to the top of the Twitter charts once video and photos of him standing hit the Al Gore’s internet as people began to wonder what his reason could possibly be…

Even white people were befuddled by Jonathan’s decision…

After the game, Bleacher Report’s Taylor Rooks addressed the elephant in the room and asked Isaac why he chose to stand and why he didn’t wear a BLM shirt. His answer made absolutely zero sense…

So, Jonathan “believes” that Black lives do indeed matter but he won’t kneel or wear a shirt in support of that belief because Wwe all do things we’re not supposed to do”? What the f**k is this negro talking about? What the hell does Jesus have to do with this?? Did Jonathan just take the long and Jesus-y route to say that there is blame on both sides on the issue of police murdering Black people???

Reactions to Isaac’s comments range from supportive dissent to confusion, to mocking, to disingenuous pats on the back.

Twitter detectives then discovered that Issac is some kind of Central Park Five “truther” and expressed some skepticism about Ava Duvernay’s lauded film When They See Us.

There were also MAGA outings after people began to notice the deeply conservative folks that Jonathan follows on Twitter.

Others pointed out that he also follows liberal voices…

We don’t know what Jonathan Isaac believes. He couldn’t even really explain it. All we know is that he loves him some Jesus, he won’t kneel, and he won’t wear a BLM shirt. Do with the rest of the aforementioned information what you will…



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