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Police officers are some of the most inept public officials in America and that’s saying a LOT considering the morons who are currently occupying 1600 FUBAR Avenue in Washington, D.C. right now. In the midst of the country’s social justice reckoning, we continue to see more and more police brutality and incompetence.

According to CNN, a Black family in Aurora, Colorado, the same city where police killed Elijah McClain while he was in their custody, has been traumatized after having guns drawn on them by APD. A woman named Brittney Gilliam was out with her 6-year-old daughter, 12-year-old sister, 14 and 17-year-old nieces this past Sunday when they were accosted by officers holding weapons demanding that they exit their blue family van. A Facebook video captured the incident and you can hear the terrified cries of the girls who probably thought they were about to become the latest hashtag.

APD Police Chief Vanessa Wilson issued this statement via Twitter:

If this hasn’t made you angry enough yet we have some cherries to drop atop your outrage sundae. The cops had the wrong car. Not only did they have the wrong car, but they also had the wrong color, the wrong license plate, the completely wrong TYPE of vehicle. They vehicle they were looking for is a motorcycle, not a van and the license plate had the same number but from a completely different state. Cops who make mistakes can cost people their lives. We would say “just ask Breonna Taylor” but you can’t ask Breonna Taylor because Breonna Taylor is dead at the hands of moronic cops who made reckless mistakes.

How f***ing stupid ARE these people? Do you even have to have a GED to become a cop? Can cops actually read? Seriously, that’s not a cheap shot. At this point, we’re not sold that police officers actually have the ability to read. Peep the two video from the incident below along with commentary from Brittney Gilliam and an angry white witness who cops attempted to bully when they saw her recording.



Defund the police.


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