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Romir Talley was killed on December 22, 2019 in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania by officers from the Wilkinsburg Police Department.

For those who are unaware, Romir was killed in a case of “mistaken identity“. Officers were looking for a man who had reportedly had pulled a gun on a 911 caller and Romir “fit the description”. When he was asked to stop, Romir ran into an alley. Let the cops tell it, a shot was fired at them during the pursuit. In retaliation, one of those officers, the recently-identified Robert Gowans, put seven bullets into Romir Talley.

According to CBS Pittsburgh, the family’s lawyer, Paul Jubas, says that there is both new evidence and a corroborating witness who will attest to a significantly different story than the one cooked up by Gowans and the bacon boys.

“The new evidence is that there is a witness that contradicts the story told by officer Robert Gowans,” said Jubas. “At this point, officer Gowans was the only testimony, only evidence with regards to what happened that night.”

Jubas, along with several local activists, stood in front of the county building yesterday demanding that Gowans be fired from the department, charged with criminal homicide, transparency at trail, and for Wilkinsburg P.D. to be disbanded.

May the police reckoning continue until all of them are purged and punished.


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