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Aren’t these two friends??? That’s the question that’s being asked after two Married To Medicine stars seemingly traded shade on Instagram.

Married to Medicine -- Season 6

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Miss Quad has been BURNING up timelines in bikinis while enjoying a quarantined vacation in Tulum, Mexico.

On a recent photo of her bangin’ baaaaawdy that she shared, her M2M costar Dr. Heavenly posted an emoji of a hand over the mouth. According to Quad that was clearly shade and she didn’t’ hold back!

“Damn sis don’t be a hater all your life, sorry you spent all your coins at the doctor and still didn’t get the body GOD gave me,” wrote Quad. “Now, run and tell that.” She then added hashtags about bariatric surgery and an additional one that said, “#WhateverItTookToBeMediocre.”


Heavenly then told some fans that she’s confused by Quad’s comments noting that her friend might be being shady for a storyline and using this as a “way to get back on the show.”

“I think I should leave it alone…obviously a plight to get back on the show…we literally have no beef!! I just spoke to her a few days ago…I won’t do fake stuff,” she posted and deleted.

She later added;

Quad also responded on Twitter and said Heavenly’s claims that she’s been booted from the Bravo reality show are FALSE.

“You and I both know that there’s been a contract on the table for me. I don’t need to use you or anyone else as a plight to get on the show when the contract is waiting to be signed by me. Oh yes btw, I feel fine; just in Tulum remaining physically and mentally centered while making some coins. We’re cool though, you’re still my girl! Talk to you soon”

Meanwhile Heavenly continued to wonder why her homegirl was being so shady.

“Then why so much anger? We literally just spoke! It’s not like you to be trolling for likes and attention…. I hope you get everything you want in life … call me up .. let’s not do this on social media”

This isn’t’ the first time Quad and Heavenly have had a rift in their friendship. Last year Quad clapped back at her friend after she alleged that Quad slept with rapper Common.

“Common, b-tch!” said Heavenly about Quad during a game of Shag, Marry, Kill. Heavenly followed up by saying, “She done already f-cked him. I’m sorry, did I get permission to share that???”

Quad then denied reports on “Sister Circle Live” and in an interview with BET.

“Her actions are not the actions of a true friend. What is most hurtful is that we were close for the last 2-3 years and what she did was very lowbrow and inconsiderate. Once again, a Black woman trying to tear down Black women.”

What do YOU think about Quad and Heavenly trading some shade??? What’s really going on here???


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