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The US dollar is the currency of the United States. It is also used as a reserve currency in many countries around the world.

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Cash money is takin’ over for the ’99 and the 2020!

Money is a major issue. Word to Pitbull. People in Portland, Oregon are in dire need of financial relief as COVID-19 has left hella people unemployed and bills are piling up every single week. A certain bootlicking faction of the federal government clearly has no desire to help Americans who are struggling so it us incumbent upon us to help our fellow women and men whenever we can.

According to KOIN report, a strange with superfluous liquid assets decided to play fairy guap-mother and sprinkle thousands of broke folks in Portland with a lil’ cheese while they waited in line for hours to apply for their stimulus checks. Peep how crazy this is. So boom, a woman named Kathryn Davidson was one of the aforementioned people standing in line when she says a man driving a Jag-u-ar pulled up. She says the man was slightly irritated that the queuing crowd was blocking his access to the ATM machine. When Kathryn told him why they were standing there, the man’s cold heart softened like hard D ’round some DAP.

Then this happened:

Davidson said the man reacted by asking, “Really, you guys need help?” and when she answered yes, he did something that restored her faith in humanity.

“All of a sudden he breaks open a stack of $100 bills,” she explained. “And he said distribute this down the line. He just said here take it and he didn’t ask for any thanks he just drove off.”

She didn’t count it but believes the man must have handed her $10,000 because she watched him break the band that was holding the bills together and just like that, he skrrt skrrt’ed outta there without another word.

“All of us in line, we wanted to say thank you so much whoever you are, you’re a saint,” Davidson said. “There were Black people, white people, men, women, Catholics and people with a Jewish star necklace — handed out to all of us, didn’t matter who we were — women in burkas and every manner and walk of life are here and he helped all of us.”

Decent people still exist every now and then.



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