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#BreonnaCon is underway despite raising some eyebrows online.


As previously reported some people were outraged to hear that Breonna Taylor’s name and likeness were being used for Until Freedom’s four-day community convention in Louisville, Kentucky that includes a “Bre-BQ”, workshops, women’s and men’s empowerment programs, and a school supplies giveaway leading up to a massive demonstration on Tuesday.

Breonna’s family was fine with it, as well as the families of George Floyd, Trayvon Martin, Atatiana Jefferson, and more who are all scheduled to attend.

Now the #BreonnaCon’s kicked off, first with a free farmer’s market and food caravan where WHAS11 reported that 1,900 boxes were distributed Saturday at the Louisville Urban League.

That same day, Porsha Williams, Yandy Smith-Harris, and political strategist Tezlyn Figaro were part of a Women’s Empowerment event promoted with the words “Beauty, Money and Justice” that Porsha defended on Instagram.

In her post, you can see Porsha and Yandy singing karaoke alongside Breonna’s family including her mother Ms. Tamika Palmer.

Also in the video is Kenneth Walker, Breonna’s boyfriend who protectively fired the warning shot on the night she was murdered by Louisville PD.

These smiles are all that matter to us. PERIOD!,” said Porsha. “What better way to celebrate Breonna than to pour into the same women in her community she services as an essential worker. FREE Activities all weekend leading up to a major action on Tuesday. @untilfreedom for details. No one cares more about #JusticeForBreonna than her family.”

Yandy also defended the event on IG, calling out detractors directly who accused her of clout chasing.

“I’m being ambushed with comments and questions “Gross you’re profiting off her name” “How tacky is the Bre-BQ” “Why y’all keep coming back, clout clashing?” THESE ARE THE COMMENTS FROM OTHER SISTERS AND BROTHERS🤢🤦🏾‍♀️. First off EVERYTHING IS FREE!” wrote Yandy.

“Everything. I, nor anyone else was paid a booking fee to be here. 2nd WE DO NOT MOVE WITH OUT BREONNA’S MOM and family leading us. And yes we are certainly going to continue to come back until there is justice.”

Organizer/Until Freedom founder Tamika D. Mallory also once again set the record straight about the name BreonnaCon; “We believe that Breonna deserves a con,” said Mallory. Specifically, she defended the beauty event, noting it was especially appropriate because Breonna enjoyed all things beauty as confirmed by her sister Juniyah.

She also broke down the meaning of the “Bre-B-Q” scheduled for today, that a number of people took issue with.

According to Tamika, Breonna’s mom thinks her daughter would’ve LOVED the name “Bre-B-Q” that was created by “young people.”

“I know some people don’t really love the name Bre-B-Q, some young people came up with it,” said Tamika. “A number of young people came up with the names and creative direction behind this. Her mom looked at me said, “Breonna would’ve loved “Bre-B-Q”, that’s so cool.


We literally curated much of this alongside Breonna’s family and her attorneys and those young folks knew that BreonnaCon was the thing. Then when her mother verified it, that made me feel good.”

The fact that Ms. Tamika Palmer is fine with her daughter’s name being used #BreonnaCon should be enough to quell people’s worries, right?


Today’s “Bre-B-Q” includes games, a school supplies giveaway, and a free concert featuring Rapsody and more.



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