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Last week, we saw Atticus, Uncle George and Leti survive blood-thirsty monsters in the forest and this week…well, we went through double the stress. ALL OF THE STRESS. So much more stress that we found ourselves DISTRESSED after only the second episode of HBO’s series-of-the-moment “Lovecraft Country.”

If you were lost, don’t worry, we got you, and pieced together that one of Atticus’s ancestors was a slave forced to work for Titus Braithwaite–the mysterious figure with the very gaudy and very creepy estate in the small New England town.

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Source: HBO

Titus founded the Sons of Adam cult obsessed with the biblical Garden of Eden that they want to enter to gain eternal life. Known to treat slaves kindly, Titus impregnated Atticus’s ancestor who barely escapes from the plantation with her life after a ritual gone terribly wrong.

Our boy Atticus is the last living direct descendant of this cruel lineage making him very important to the Sons of Adam who kidnapped his father to lure him to Ardham where they would, once again, attempt the spooky ritual that went left the first time.

It doesn’t take Atticus long to leverage his birthright to improve accommodations inside the estate after a rather uncomfortable bout with Black magic. However, the cult’s current leader Samuel Braithwaite forces Atticus to participate in that ritual (that they probably should stop doing) open a portal directly to Eden so Samuel and his followers can be eternalized.

Lovecraft Country assets

Source: HBO

At one point, the ritual appears to be working until things go wrong (yet again) and a vision of Atticus’s ancestor guides him out of the estate as it crumbles and the cult turns to stone.

Whether any cult members actually survived, we don’t know (yet), but our joy from Atticus’s escape quickly turned into terror when we see Uncle George dead after being shot earlier in the episode.

Whew, it was quite the hour-long ride with all kinds of twists and sharp turns that sent the whole entire internet into a mind-blown frenzy.

How are you enjoying “Lovecraft Country” (so far)? Did you watch with the lights on? Do you think it’s really over for Uncle George? Tell us in the comments and peep the funniest, wildest and craziest reactions to last night’s episode on the flip.

“I can’t do this every Sunday.” – mannnnnnnnnnn, listen…

“Atticus during the meeting:” – you know what…

“Me acting like i know what the hell is going on with #LovecraftCountry” – this was us for a strong 10 minutes

“Let me go check and see if I got some throwback power from my ancestors” – we’re right behind you

“When God see Uncle George at Heavens Gates” – too soon!

“atticus and his ancestor:” – *howls*

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#LovecraftCountry episode two summary so far – pretty much sums it all up

“Me when Tic walked over to the car and Uncle George was dead” – noooooooo

“Y’all that was only episode 2 and it felt like a season finale… I’m stressed” – we can’t stop thinking about it


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