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“Brett shared with me that he was intimidated by the fact that I make more money than him…”

Brett and Olivia

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On the latest episode of Married At First Sight, viewers watched Olivia clash with her stranger spouse Brett over finances. During a sitdown with Pastor Cal, Brett quipped that his wife who’s a well-paid nurse, “throws money away.” By contrast, he’s much more frugal with his IT job salary and alleged that she “didn’t have a budget.” Olivia said that wasn’t true and tried to plead her case noting that she budgets for travel and experiences like New Orleans Saints games.

We previously chatted with Olivia about a number of things; her serial dater husband’s alleged “f***-boy” tendencies, her 7-rating for her marriage, and another MAFS participant Henry.

Below Olivia speaks on her reaction to her husband’s bachelor pad and clears up the confusion surrounding her budget.

What was your first reaction to Brett’s house?

“My first reaction of Brett’s house when we were driving up was that it was cute. I really liked the stained glass window on the front door. Once we went inside, it was very much a bachelor pad.”

How do you think your cats would react to Brett’s place?

“My cats are pretty cool. They would have thought Brett’s place was interesting, but they would think that about any new place. I’m sure they would have enjoyed playing with their new friend and gotten acclimated over time.”

Let’s talk about this budget conversation, did you tell Brett that you didn’t have a budget or did you say you needed HELP with a budget?

“What’s a budget? Just kidding. I’m comfortable with where I am financially. Brett and I got on the topic of budgeting and I shared with him that I could use his expertise to get a better understanding beyond the basics. I meant it more along the lines of being more knowledgeable about options I have with my savings. How can I make better financial moves as far as investments, stock, IRAs, etc. My budget includes how I manage my money outside of the normal bills and expenses and that’s what I was referring to. #forus”

Why do you think Brett was so hostile during the budget conversation? He accused you of “throwing money” away.

“I think he may have become so hostile during this conversation because of the different views and values we have around money. Everyone has their own monetary priorities and how they spend their money.”

Do you think Brett’s intimidated by the fact that you make more than him?

“Brett shared with me that he was intimidated by the fact that I make more money than him, but I didn’t want him to feel that way. I wouldn’t want anyone to feel that way. During this process we are basically asked to describe our “perfect husband.” When I think of the “perfect husband”, I don’t imagine someone who’s in the same financial category as me. Salary isn’t a deal breaker, but it’s clearly a topic that some couples have to work through.”

Prior to #MAFS, when you were dating in New Orleans were men intimidated by your success?

“Prior to being part of MAFS, l don’t believe men have been intimidated by my success. I would say that the men I’ve dated have been as equally or more successful than me.”

Overall you rated your marriage a 7, do you think that was a fair assessment?

“Rating my marriage at a 7 was totally reasonable in my opinion. We had only known each other for 6 days and I was happy, having a good time with him. There were so many unknowns at that point and we had way more to learn about one another. Expressing that I thought our marriage was at a 7 was me being honest with how I felt in that moment and positive about the future.”

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