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“Henry is a super nice guy…”

Brett and Olivia

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One of the participants of Married At First Sight season 11 is offering her thoughts on her stranger spouse who isn’t exactly a fan fave. Viewers were introduced to Olivia, a sugary-sweet cat mom/nurse looking for love in NOLA. She was matched with Brett, a not so sugary-sweet cat dad/IT worker who went from heartbreak to dating 45 women around the city.

The couple’s journey began on their wedding day when Olivia, who continuously told #MAFS experts she wanted a “nice guy”, was ecstatic to meet her tall and “handsome” husband. Brett also seemed excited to be marrying Olivia and said she “looked like his type.” Mind you, this all came after he was seen flirting with other women at his bachelor party and after he hit on a waitress. Not exactly the “nice guy” behavior Olivia wanted in a husband.


Since the wedding, things haven’t been horrible between the spouses, but things could be better. On their honeymoon, the new couple discussed finances (Olivia makes “much more” than Brett) and Olivia told the other Married At First Sight couples she’d rate her marriage a “7.” Brett who refused to rate the marriage overheard Olivia’s answer and was appalled, leading to their first fight. Brett completely shut down at the end of the night and Olivia stormed off. He later admitted to his wife that the “7” rating upset him.

We chatted with Olivia about a number of things; her serial dater husband, fellow participant Christina’s claims that Brett has “f***-boy” tendencies and of course, Henry. Henry, another #MAFS participant is married to participant Christina, but he seems much more like the “nice guy” our good sis Olivia was looking for. Fans on social media, including myself, think he’d be a better fit for her—but does she agree?

See Olivia’s answer below.

Looking back, Brett got pretty offended when you rated the marriage a 7, do you think he overreacted and do you still think 7 was an accurate number at that time?

“It did hurt Brett’s feelings when I rated the marriage at a 7. I wouldn’t say he overreacted because it made him feel a certain way. When asked to rate the marriage, I took it as a way to measure on a scale from 1-10 and I thought 7 was a good rating considering our situation. I was happy and having a good time. I think he took the question more serious than everybody else and that’s his prerogative.”


Several people pointed out that during the honeymoon, Henry seemed worried about your wellbeing. Henry seems like the “nice guy” you told experts you wanted, would you have been happy if you were matched with him?

“Henry is a super nice guy. Based on what I do know about him, I think it’s in his character to feel worried about someone’s wellbeing. I would have had to be matched with Henry to fully gauge how I think I would have felt about being matched with him. He does seem like the “nice guy” but it takes more than that to build a loving relationship.”

What did you think about Christina pointing out some of Brett’s f***boy tendencies?

“I can appreciate Christina opening up and telling me her feelings/concerns about Brett. Us girls have to stick together, right? Sometimes negative first impressions can really stick with people so maybe that’s what happened here.”

Do you consider the fact that Brett dated 45 women before being matched as a red flag?

“Brett dating 45 women before getting married did raise some concerns, but who am I to judge? I wasn’t part of his life during that time, so I tried to base my feelings and our potential off of what I experienced with him. Dating 45 people in two years isn’t something I would do or be proud of, but everyone has their own standards and ways of figuring out what they want.”

This lovely lady has a lot of patience.

Check out a clip of Olivia checking out her husband’s place for the first time, we’ll hear more from her about that later.

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