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Midsection of a police officer with walkie-talkie and night stick on equipment belt

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Over the weekend we reported on the beating of Roderick Walker in Clayton Country, Georiga just south of Atlanta. Walker was minding his Black-ass business as a passenger in a Lyft ride when cops pulled his driver over and all hell broke loose. Cell phone footage captured Clayton County police punching him bloody and damn-near unconscious while attempting to arrest him.

As previously reported, the incident occurred on Friday (September 11). Walker, 26, was riding in a vehicle with his girlfriend and their five-month-old child and stepson when officers pulled them over for an alleged broken taillight. According to The Guardian, The deputies asked Walker for identification and demanded that he get out of the vehicle. Walker questioned the officers as to why they needed his ID since he wasn’t driving.

The video captured by a bystander shows the officers repeatedly beating and punching him as his girlfriend and children scream in utter fear.

Today, we are happy to report, that the violating officer has been fired according to a filing in ABCNews. Clayton County Sheriff’s Office Sheriff Victor Hill says that the official reason for termination is “excessive force“. That said, this violent officer is STILL being protected as his identity has still not been revealed AND he’s still walking around freely. We have faith that Twitter will handle the identity part, but people need to be in the streets demanding to know this pig’s name. He cannot be allowed to take a gun and badge at another police department ever again.

Roderick Walker is still in jail at this time although Sheriff Hill has ordered a signature bond for him. He was being held because it was discovered that he had several outstanding warrants around the city.




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