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Equipment-belt of a german police officer

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This is NOT the way we wanted to start our Saturday. We are LIVID.

Yesterday, in the metro Atlanta area of Clayton County, a Black man begged for his life as local police officers smothered and beat him for absolutely NO muthaf**kin’ justifiable reason. According to TMZ, the victim, his cousin, and another person were PASSENGERS inside a Lyft car (the keyword is “passengers”) when officers pulled the car over for having a bust taillight. When the driver told the officers that he didn’t have a license to show them, the pigs asked the PASSENGERS for their identification. Why? What the hell do PASSENGERS in a Lyft need to show you ID for? They haven’t done anything wrong. There is no suspicion of a crime, so why harass innocent bystanders other than the fact that they are Black?

At some point, after they were asked for ID, the VERY disturbing video begins. We will warn you now that this is very difficult to watch and can be extremely triggering. Discretion is advised…

Here is the attack from another angle…

You can clearly see the cops punching the man in the face repeatedly until he begins to bleed from his nose. When finally get from on top of him, he appears to be unconscious. You can also hear the man screaming the now-fatally infamous plead for life “I can’t breathe” and “I’m gonna die”.

Here’s what ClayCo told TMZ about this incident:

“After being made aware of a video posted on social media involving a Deputy using physical force on a man, Sheriff Victor Hill ordered his entire Internal Affairs Unit to come in and begin an investigation that has been on going since 8pm. The Sheriff has ordered that the Deputy involved be placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.”

No word on the man’s condition at this time but we will update as information becomes available.

F**k 12 and that blue line.


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