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One thing about Megan Thee Stallion, she’s gonna go live on Instagram and clear her name.

Megan Thee Stallion Girls N The Hood

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The Houston hot girl once again used to social media to shut down shady rumors circulating about her in the wake of that Tory Lanez shooting. Most recently an Instagram post surfaced from a man named Karim York who previously dated Meg.

In his post, Karim said that “someone” who attacked him while high on drugs, was painting him out to be an “abuser.” He also alleged that the unnamed woman threatened to shoot him. Interestingly enough the post came amid a story where a source alleged that Megan was physically abusive to her ex.

Convenient, right?

“I GOT MY A$$  BEAT that night but I’m being pictured as an abuser on the Internet,” read the man’s post. I” don’t know how many times that woman put her hands on me with multiple witnesses there. I’ve had a gun pointed at me with the intentions of being shot.”

Karim also ended the post with a mysterious line that made many speculate that he was talking about the Roc Nation managed rapper.

“P.S. Megan and I are still friends.”

As previously reported Megan addressed a 2015 mugshot where she said she was arrested for “Assault; Bodily Injury Against A Family Member” while in a toxic relationship with a man who cheated on her and fathered a child with someone else.

According to Meg, Karim was the boyfriend named in the police report but she NEVER abused him. While live on Instagram Monday, she called out an unnamed woman whose been spreading the fake story…

“Remember when my mugshot popped up? And I told y’all that my ex-boyfriend beat my a**?” said Meg on her IG Live. “So, this lady made this ol’ fake a** story and you know I had to call the n*** to get the muthaf*** facts.”

befoe playing audio of a phone call between her and Karim where he admitted that the abuse claims weren’t true and said he was talking about someone else. The ex also promised to “clean it up.”

“Somebody sent me a screenshot saying that you said I was on Xans the day I went to jail and you said I beat yo a** and I’m always beating yo a**,” said Megan to Karim.

“First of all, I am not talking about you,” responded the man.

BLOOP—name cleared.

Megan reiterated on Twitter that she’s always going to stick to the facts.

Nice try, thirsties!

What do YOU think about Megan Thee Private Investigator clearing her name???



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