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Beauty mogul Supa Cent  got into a spat online last night with the father of her youngest child, Lou. These two have been broken up for several weeks now after Lou was caught and admitted to cheating with a teenage girl. Since the scandal, Supa revealed she’s dating someone else but Lou seems to think he’s being shut out of his child’s life on purpose, airing out his grievances with his business savvy baby mama.

On his Instagram stories, Lou alleged Supa was “disrespecting” herself and their daughter.

 “For years I’ve let you make others think I was cheating on you, I never said anything about it. I hate it’s coming to this but you doin h** s**t out of spite cause you still mad at me luv, there’s one thing I will die behind or do life behind. That’s MY DAUGHTER & you know that. I can careless about who you f**k, respect my child and yourself. If you don’t have time to bring her to me or I can come get her and bring her back when u get done,”

He added.

“Jus giv me my child luv ain’t like u have time for her I don’t wanna take you to court behind my but u leaving me no choice.”

Supa didn’t take the threats in stride at all. After Lou posted this message online, she went straight on video to address him.

“How are you going to take me to court, Louis? What address you’re gonna use Louis? What ID you’re gonna use Louis? How are you gonna pay for these court fees Louis?”

The video has since been deleted, but a version over Nas’ “Ether” is floating around now, at the expense of upset Lou.

Supa continued, addressing Lou in another post.

 “It’s Tuesday and this n***a acting like I kidnapped his daughter!!! You’ll think this n***a asked me to get Leaa today and I said NO! Where the f**k this steam coming from???” She doubled down on her threat, “You already humiliated me once. But you not bout to play on me when it come to my children like I don’t have my daughter. Bitch it’s ALL THE WAY UP THERE NOW! On my kids!!!”

Later, on a LIVE stream, she called her ex a “pedophile”, seemingly referring to him admitting to courting and sexting an underage girl.

“My child shouldn’t be around you, you pedophile a** b***h.”

Yikes! Do you think Supa’s response was warranted?



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