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Source: HBO

Well, here we again with a million more questions than answers after another mind-blowing “Loveraft Country” episode where we learned about Tic’s very, uh, questionable past as a U.S. soldier in the Korean war who falls for a soul-snatching demoness with a complicated existence.

What we thought we knew, we didn’t really know based on Tic’s shocking war crimes that included the torturing and execution of Korean women accused of communist activity.

We’ve seen Atticus be haunted by his wartime past that makes him a deeply conflicted character who struggles with his love for Leti, his past love and his ties to an evil cult.

Set entirely in the South Korean city of Daegu, the latest crazyyy episode follows a beautiful young nurse-in-training named Ji-Ah who’s revealed to be a nine-tailed fox spirit from Korean folklore called a Kumiho that disguises itself as a baddie to (literally) snatch men’s souls.

In this story, Ji-Ah was summoned by a grieving mother to kill her abusive husband who killed their daughter and needs 100 souls to become human.

Following the death of her best friend at the hands of Atticus, she targets him as her 100th, and final, soul before falling in love with him.

Naturally, Atticus asks her to come back to the states with him which ultimately doesn’t happen after he learns about her true identity mid-smash session when she begins to absorb his memories through her 9 tails.

It’s at this moment when she sees terrifying visions of his future and fears that he’ll die if he doesn’t stay in Korea. But, at this point, Atticus is GONE gone after running scared from the woman he loved.

Yeaaa so we’re still stressed and don’t even know how this ties to Atticus’ connection to Braithwaite’s book but we DO know Ji-Ah is still alive which might shake everything up in the coming weeks.

Lovecraft Country assets

Source: HBO

What did you think about Episode 6? Do you think Atticus will ever tell Leti the truth about his spooky Korean entanglement? Hit us in the comments and peep the funniest, wildest and craziest tweets on the flip.



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