On the Road to Healthcare: Senate Passes Reform Bill

- By Bossip Staff

The Senate passed President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform bill at 7:00 a.m. Thursday morning without a single Republican vote. The 60-39 landslide victory moved the bill through the body and now calls for the Senate’s version of the bill to be merged with the House of Representatives’ version that was previously passed in November. Continue…

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  • Essence

    Why are the Republicans so against this bill? That should tell you something. SMH

  • Peace

    Yes, this is major milestone. Go Senate!

  • KeepNit2Real

    Oh well, just gonna give the Repugs something else to bytch and complain about when if a Repug was still in the House, this bill would have passed anyway.

    Americans are so silly and blind. They’ve been fleecing this country for years! This is nothing more than an extension of the Bush regime…plain and simple.

    You pay for somebody else’s medical problems. Sounds to me like the war…you pay for someone else’s problems

    it’s all the same.

  • frankiestage

    OK. Wonderful. Obama got his health care form. And this will be the issue that will sink or swim his re-election bid. This and unemployment. If by 2012, everybody is feeling this change AND unemployment is below 7%, the President will be re-elected. If not, our first Black president’s time will be up. Oh, by the way, KeepNit2Real, we already pay for other’s people’s medical problems through the back door. When somebody with no insurance shows up at the emergency room, they generally get treated. And who covers it? Taxpayers.

  • BapBarbie

    Go Obama!!

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  • http://www.crazycoolgroovy.blogspot.com CCGroovy

    YES WE CAN!!!


  • Iknowi'mright

    Well its about time. Damn republicans want to hold everything up with this fillibuster B.S.. People need insurance!!!

  • Gimmeabreak 78

    We still need a public option.

  • D

    Ok, i am not a Republican or a Democrat, but this bill is a treasonous farce. to make People sign up for health care against their will for if they do not then they will be fined individually or their entire household is fined. this goes against OUR Constitution on every level and that would Barack Obama is treasonous as well. i can say this much if it does pass i will not be bullied into buying into it.

  • Alarm Clock

    There is a reason this has never passed in the past when other presidents tried, because it is unconstitutional! Barack voted yes on the FISA bill which l granted telecom giants retroactive immunity for unconstitutionally selling/ giving our personal info to the government. Barack voted for the bailouts which gifted the wicked central bankers trillions at America’s expense. Guantanamo Bay isn’t closed like he promised. He’s continuing the same Bush war mentality, send people to die in Afganistan, not to mention innocent Afgan men women, and children are dying, and lives being totally destroyed. Now government run health care. WTF???? WHO’S SIDE IS HE ON??? Doesn’t the bible say you know a tree by the fruit it bears? Barack is strange fruit! At this point I only like him cause he’s Black, but I should have voted for Ron Paul. GOD SAVE OUR CONSTITUTION!!!

  • D

    god placed men and woman here and we created the constitution and the only way it willing be saved is by men woman who are willing to protect such an inspired and freeing document. we must save it even if it costs the sacrifice to create it in the first place. we are not at that point, yet, but it is coming to that if this proceeds. the true American mindset WILL awaken more and more when it is taken away more and more

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