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Gizelle Bryant’s daughters aren’t the only ones raising their eyebrows at her reconciliation with her ex.

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As previously reported the Real Housewife of Potomac is back booed up with Pastor Jamal Bryant after they divorced due to the Pastor being a “cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater.”

During last night’s show, Gizelle was asked by producers exactly how many kids Jamal conceived outside of their marriage but she declined to comment. Later, Gizelle’s father Mr. Curtis Graves was seen visiting and played it cool even though he didn’t previously attend the couple’s wedding amid infidelity rumors. Ultimately he said he wanted his daughter to “be happy” with her reconciliation and agreed to walk her down the aisle if they were to remarry.

Later, however, while still connected to a hot microphone, Mr. Graves let Jamal HAVE IT and called him out for having multiple baby mamas.

“This is not a good move for her,” said Gizelle’s dad. “You know, this guy’s got six, seven baby mamas … as a father, you think twice about this kind of stuff!”


Gizelle later reacted to the moment during the series premiere of Bravo’s Chat Room. During the show, Gizelle likened her dad’s reaction to his age.

“So, you know, my dad is 82 years old, y’all. So 82 year olds are gonna say something reckless out their mouth. And that’s fine,” Gizelle said. “He does support me, he loves me. If I got married tomorrow, he’d be walking me down the aisle, and that’s all that ever matters to me.”

Gizelle also explained that she and Jamal are “at a different place” this time around.

“I’m a different woman than when I was married to him. I have evolved, I’ve changed, I’ve built businesses, and I feel like he now looks at me in such a different way and respects me. So that’s been the big difference for us,” she shared on Bravo’s Chat Room. “You know, we’re now equals, as opposed to when I was married, which I didn’t mind at the time, but it was all about him; I was living in his movie, and now we’re living a movie together. So I feel like the love has always been there, the trust is there, and we’re just gonna go down the road and see what happens.”

What do YOU think about Gizelle’s dad disapproving of Jamal Bryant???


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