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LisaRaye's 50th Juke Joint Birthday Celebration - Arrivals

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Welp… Monday got super messy on the FOX Soul streaming show ‘Cocktails with Queens’ after the co-hosts planned a birthday surprise guest pop-up for Lisa Raye by none other than her sister Da Brat.

Now we would never have dreamed that Da Brat and her big sis Lisa Raye were even estranged because just a few days ago Da Brat posted up a throwback shot of the sisters as a birthday tribute to her sibling, who she playfully calls “Punk”:

“GOTTA SEND A HUGE BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT TO MY SISTER “Punk” @thereallraye1‼️” Da Brat’s special message read. “Thank you for all have been and all you are in my life. I❤️U. HAPPY BIRTHDAY‼️ #blackdontcrackbaby”

Lisa Raye responded, “Thanks for thinking of me Today.”

Unfortunately, Lisa Raye’s birthday surprise from her lil sis took a left. Watch the footage below:


Lisa Raye’s immediate reaction was tearful shock… She did not speak at all at first and Da Brat spoke up to reveal she and her sister hadn’t spoken for some time, Claudia Jordan suggested the show might be the perfect opportunity to bridge the gap between the sisters and put their issues to bed.

“We’ve never had bad blood ever,” Da Brat tried to explain. “We might get mad at each other but we’ve never not talked. My sister can get real critical sometimes. She doesn’t care what she says and how she hurts your feelings but that’s part of her being protective and what not. But sometimes as a little sister it’s like ‘I’m grown too.’ I don’t think she’s accepted the fact that I’ve grown up. But it’s not cool and it’s my fault.”

Lisa Raye responded, “I just want to know that you’re happy.”

After Da Brat confirmed her happiness, Lisa Raye revealed the source of the sister’s discord. In the last six months Da Brat came out publicly in a Variety magazine profile after she and fianceé Jesseca Dupart began posting openly about their romance on Instagram.

“I just did not want to hear it from the blogs and from the interviews of people asking me questions and I didn’t know what to say because I didn’t hear it from you and I got to see it someplace else, so I’m hurt. That’s what I am,” Lisa Raye explained.

Vivica A. Fox tried to smooth things over for the sisters, suggesting they speak by phone to work out their issues.

“I’ve been trying to do that for months,” Lisa Raye said. “I’m in the waiting zone. So I’ll wait. I’m cool.”

Da Brat, who kept pretty quiet through much of her sister’s commentary said, “See that’s what I’m talking about right there. You not in the waiting zone.”

“Why not?” Lisa Raye replied. ” verything else is playing out via Instagram and the blogs. I’m not finding out nothing and sh*t personally so I guess my place is not what I thought it was.”

Da Brat tried to tell her sister that wasn’t not true, before “Cocktails with Queens” co-host Syleena Johnson tried to offer her perspective, noting to Lisa Raye, “You got it going on on the mean side sometimes.”

Vivica agreed, saying in other words that Da Brat was trying to extend an olive branch

“She not trying to hear that,” Da Brat said.

Lisa Raye continued to express how she’s felt for some time her sister had left her out of her happy news.

“I wish that I knew what that was,” Lisa Raye said. ” I wish that I could have a say in that myself. But I don’t. So I sit and I wait.”

If there was a positive moment, it had to be when Lisa Raye told her sister she was happy for her and appreciated the birthday wish.

“Let me say this,” Lisa Raye said. “I am happy for you, I am glad that you are living in your truth, that right there we have been talking about for years, so for you to be so happy and so vibrant that right there is a blessing to be able to stand in. For that right there I will say have at it,” she said, before continuing. “I appreciate you coming out and saying Happy Birthday in this kind of way because I damn sure haven’t heard from you in months. Thank you Queens for allowing and making it happen because I’m not sure how long it would have been. It’s been almost since like December, like half a year.”

As her co-hosts pleaded with her to stop, Lisa Raye commenced with the cussing!

“I don’t give a f**k what y’all sayin'” at all,, y’all don’t know sh*t at all, she do, you do, you do… I receive my Happy Birthday gift, I’m appreciative and all that.”

“Oh yeah I’m hurt, I’m not trying to fake it, I’m not trying to do any of that. I’m hurt, but you know what, I’m strong.”

“I got sh*t going on, she got sh*t going on, y’all got sh*t going on, we all got sh*t going, SH*T IS GOING ON

Syleena Johnson tried to transition the conversation into a more positive place, noting that sometimes you need to have hard conversations, sometimes people need to see black women disagreeing and talking things out.

“That’s exactly where I’m at. F**K IT,” Lisa Raye added. “Whenever you come back around that’s when you accept the sh*t and keep it moving. You can’t be fake about it.”

Once Da Brat exited the video chat, Lisa Raye got a little more candid with her co-hosts about the source of her anger.

“Oh, you want to say Happy Birthday publicly but not privately? Because I’ve been trying to figure out what the hell, why the f**k, and I’m supposed to be like, ‘Heyyyy’ [waves]? NAH!”

“I’m not Hollywood,” Lisa Raye explained. ” I’m real. If you thought because we were on “Cocktails with Queens” that I wasn’t going to feel what I really feel — that’s bullsh*t.”

“I feel what I feel when I feel it,” Lisa Raye continued. ” I just gotta wait until she feels comfortable to tell me about her life. I thought I would know but evidently I need to take a step back. If I step too far back, then you going to have to take a long arm. Because I got sh*t going on too. But when I had sh*t going on, I shared it with everybody. That’s what I’m saying. When you got sh*t going on and you’re happy, you want to share it with the people you love. But no I gotta hear it from the blogs and the internet and Rickey Smiley.”

“I called our auntie, like, ‘Oh what’s up and she said ‘She’s gonna call you.’ I’m getting interviewed, ‘HOw do you feel about your sister coming out?’ and I’m like, ‘Oh…Uh…Uh… She’s happy, I’m happy.'”

Well that is awkward. We can see why she might be upset. Do you think Lisa Raye was justified in her reaction? Does Da Brat have some big time apologizing to do? How do you handle feuds in your family?

The only one of the “Cocktails With Queens” co-hosts to address the situation thus far has been Syleena Johnson to noted that celebrating Lisa Raye’s birthday was heavy but there are no filters on the show.


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