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Nicki Minaj’s Barbz have found another victim and they’re maliciously mauling her on behalf of their Queen. After LisaRaye already caught hell in the form of trolling and threats for comments she made on “Out Loud With Claudia Jordan”, Claudia herself is catching heat.

During the show this week the show’s cohosts were discussing Usher’s comments that “Nicki Minaj is a product of Lil Kim” and LisaRaye agreed noting that Nicki should “bow down” to her. Claudia also said that Nicki’s been inspired by the Queen Bee.

“But why are they mad?” said Claudia. “A lot of the things did are obviously inspired by Lil Kim and what’s wrong with that? Usher did not slam Nicki Minaj by saying that, That is not a diss to her but it is fact. Lil Kim came up way before her in a crew of all fellas and she was hard with it and he was sexual and she made that popular.”

“We can all stand together queens and we can all say that all of us are acknowledging the fact that Kim came before Nicki Minaj,” said LisaRaye. “So Nicki, just take a seat. You don’t have to sit down for long, but just take a bow. Just like Beyonce said, ‘Bow down b**ches.”

Those comments clearly peeved off the Barbz and Claudia’s feeling the effects of it.

According to the talk show/radio host, things have gone too far and she and her family including her 69-year-old mother have been hit with threats.

WOW now the Barbz have gone too far. Threatening to “BEAT HER” my 69 year old mother & now harassing my 15 year old niece?” tweeted Claudia. “At the end of the day what will this accomplish but keep your karma bad & get you bought up on charges? WE stay protected-KNOW THIS. #OverATalkShowConvo smh”

She also added that the Barbz are “brainless and soulless.”


These Barbz are now claiming that she’s playing the victim and using Nicki’s name for “career clout.”

Did Claudia really say anything wrong or do you agree with the Barbz that it was laced in shade?

See another message from Claudia Jordan about the Barbz on the flip.

Claudia wants the Barbz to rewatch the clip and reevaluate their anger.

“Protect from what tho? DID I threaten her? Call her a name? Violate her? Threaten her family? NOPE. You might wanna rewatch the clip and reevaluate your anger.”

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