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Juelz Santana

Source: Daniel J. Vasquez / Daniel J. Vasquez

Juelz Santana is a free man once again after serving jail time for catching a gun charge in the New Jersey airport.

Juelz is a reality TV star, but the full story–unedited–has never been told…until now. He joined Fat Joe on Instagram to discuss the events that lead to the charge and explain how it all went down. People usually end up throwing out drinks they have forgotten are in their bag every day at the airport, but a gun is an entirely different story, especially with TSA. When the story initially broke, no one could understand this move, even if it was a simple mistake, because it’s instantly a federal charge in an area where no one beats a gun charge.

Juelz broke it down to Fat Joe as simple as possible: he forgot the gun was in a new bag he purchased after placing it inside for protection at a prior video shoot.

“I go to TSA and put my bag through security… In my mind, for everyone that’s listening, that’s not even on my mind,” he explained. “Hey got my bag. I go through security, it went through. The dude from Newark airport, he knows me. He about to check the bag. Someone called from the screening point where the screen is at and said, nah, we gotta run it through again.

The fact that they had the warrant and they said higher authorities are going to search your bag. So I’m like, they gon’ lock me up for the weekend,” he said. “I literally walked. Everybody saying, ‘He ran out the airport. He had one shoe on…’ I get in the cab.

I hear, on Hot 97… So gettin’ close to my crib, [Hot 97] said, ‘Rapper Juelz Santana Flees Newark airport after firearm was retrieved from his bag.’ I’m like ‘What?! Ain’t no firearm retrieved from my bag.’”

Eventually, Juelz remembered he had the gun once he was home and hid out so he wouldn’t stay in jail all weekend and then turned himself in. He goes on to explain how things went once he turned himself in and more below.



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