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Louisville Reacts After Cop Charged With Wanton Endangerment In Breonna Taylor's Death

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After a brief delay, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron finally released the audio transcript of the grand jury hearing regarding the heinous and unjust death of Breonna Taylor. 15 hours of audio are now publicly available and according to the NYTimes, there are some very conflicting testimonies on the issue of whether or not the officers involved properly identified themselves as such before sending bullets into Breonna’s body.

Ms. Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, said in the recordings that he was “scared to death” when he and Ms. Taylor heard pounding on the door in the middle of the night and got no response after they yelled, “Who is it?”

Let the bacon boys tell it, they “loudly” identified themselves as police before getting the order to knock the door off the hinges.

“Next thing I know, she’s on the ground and the door’s busted open and I hear a bunch of yelling and just panicking,” Mr. Walker said about Ms. Taylor in an interview with investigators in March that was played for the grand jury last week. “And she’s right here bleeding,” he added. “And nobody’s coming, and I’m just confused and scared.”

The other shady part of this whole debacle is that these recordings do not have the instructions that Daniel Cameron gave to jury. This would have addressed one juror’s charge that Cameron was blaming them for making the sole decision not to indict the officers. Strange how that part was just magically left out.

Detective Myles Cosgrove, the one who ultimately killed Breonna can be heard on the tapes talking about how “surreal” it was to shoot her that night. Almost like he was having some type of out of body experience…

“I just sensed that I’ve fired,” Detective Cosgrove said in an interview last month that was played for the jurors. But, he added: “It’s like a surreal thing. If you told me I didn’t do something at that time, I’d believe you. If you told me I did do something, I’d probably believe you, too.”

Sensed? Sir, if you don’t know for a fact that you fired your weapon then you have NO business being a police officer.



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