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Daniel Cameron has been cornered and his shady shenanigans regarding the grand jury hearing in the Breonna Taylor case may just come to light. As we previously reported, an honorable grand juror filed a legal motion to have the full transcript of the hearing released for public consumption. Something Daniel Cameron wasn’t really feeling when asked about it reporters at his sheepish press conference following the grand jury announcement last week. The anonymous juror revealed that Cameron allegedly misrepresented the jury’s case to the public and that the jurors weren’t even given the option to indict officers Mattingly and Cosgrove. If this is true, this new detail in the case would shutdown KKKameron’s claim that the jury was unanimous in the decision of Breonna’s death.

Following the grand juror filing, Cameron agreed to follow the judge’s decision but asked for a WHOLE A$$ WEEK so that he can “redact names and personal information of witnesses”. Our eyes are rolling out of our heads. Who in their right minds REALLY believes that it would take 7 of God’s days to redact a few names and addresses. There’s no telling WHAT kind of flim-flammery Cameron would pull if given 168 hours.

People protest a Kentucky grand jurys indictment of one of three police officers in the killing of Breonna Taylor, but not for her death

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Fortunately, the judge knows better than to trust such a ridiculous request. As such, Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge Ann Bailey Smith gave bootlickin’ Danny Boy 48 hours to get his s#!t together and give up the goods.

Upon being charged with purposely lollygagging Cameron tried to play rumor control. However, in the words of one Shawn Corey Carter “we don’t believe you, you need more people”.

We can’t WAIT to read this transcript. Stay tuned.


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