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Power Book II: Ghost assets

Source: STARZ

After only 5 episodes, hit spin-off “Power Book II: Ghost” is gone until DECEMBER where we’ll see Tariq complete his evolution into Ghost, Saxe’s shady move with Davis on Tariq, MORE Tasha push-ups, Monet’s next chess move and the possible return of Tommy.

“It wasn’t intended to be a split season and that sort of just happened, but I will tell you that episode 5 of any 10-episode season I do is always a pivot point. It’s always where the show will be different from that point forward in the season. So if you think you about season 4 of Power, episode 5 is where Ghost got out of jail. We always do a big shift, and this season I thought it was very interesting to have that pivot be around when Tariq turned 18, because now he’s a man in the eyes of the law and that changes things,” revealed ‘Power’ creator Courtney Kemp in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

At this point, STARZ is all in on ‘Power Book’ that’s already been renewed for Season 2 with a strong storyline that swerved left with a series of Tariq mistakes that Ghost would’ve never made.

Getting drugged AND snitching on himself? Man, A MESS that newly 18-year-old Tariq has to clean up while also juggling school and two love interests who parallel Tasha and Angela–yea, and we see how that worked out with one dead and the other in jail.

Based on what we know about “Power,” things are about to get REAL for Tariq who might have to start canceling Christmas on everybody to stay free or alive despite (foolishly) believing that killing Ghost solved all his problems.

“Oh, it gets so much more intense. All of the relationships get much more complicated. Tariq has make some decisions, some familiar faces from Power show back up. It’s intense,” teased Kemp.

What did you think about the ‘Power Book’ midseason finale? Will Tariq go full Ghost in the second half? Tell us in the comments and peep the funniest (and pettiest) tweets on the flip.

“Ghost, Raina, and Angela in heaven watching Tariq getting drugged and snitching on himself #PowerTV” – nooooooo

“How Tasha charging that phone” – questions that need answers


“How Monet walk into the room everytime them kids look like they havin fun” – every single time

“Whenever Jabari or Carrie is on the screen” – mannnnnn


Nobody at all:

Saxe recording Tariq’s monologue in the cemetery:” – ACCURATE

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“Monet: Which one of my children can I trust the most?

Tariq:” – ‘Riq smart

“Saxe: Tasha won’t be happy when her son is convicted and tried as an adult. He might get the needle

Method Man: I don’t care he’s not my client

Me:” – *record scratch*

“December!!!! Excuse me??” – STRESSFUL


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