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President Trump Departs White House For Visit To Honeywell Facility In Arizona

Source: Chip Somodevilla / Getty

Trump has absolutely no shame. We all know this. Yet somehow President Donald Trump continues to remind us of his profound levels of depravity.

In one of his new campaign ads entitled “Say What You Will About America“, Trump has the nerve to include photographs of Martin Luther King Jr. and Jackie Robinson as a narrator chatters on about the Amerikkkan spirit. As if either man would endorse, approve of, or otherwise fraternize with a person like Donald Trump.

According to NBC News, the script reads a lil somethin’ like this:

“Impossible? We treat that word as motivation,” the ad says. The ad takes a darker turn near the end of its 80-second running time, showing images of damages from looting and burning flags while warning than an unidentified “they” want “to destroy our traditions.”

In retort, the families of both icons responded publicly on Twitter to the use of their loved ones’ likeness in such a twisted manner.

Looks like Trump and his goons are getting desperate as Election Day approaches fast. The next Presidential debate was set to happen virtually between the two candidates following Trump’s positive COVID diagnosis, but Cheeto has objected to the change in format. Now, no one knows when the next debate will happen.

If Trump don’t get the f**k…only 14% (we say “only” but that’s WAY too many furry-face negroes for our taste, but we digress) of Black men voted for Dorito Don in 2016 and less than 2% of Black women did the same. There is no swaying Black people to the devil’s side. Stop pandering to us as if there’s even a chance. In fact, peep this viral video we stumbled across the other day.


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