Bossip Exclusive: Lil Flip Is The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

- By Bossip Staff

Unfortunately the holidays wasn’t a happy time for everyone. We received a really sad email from the mother of Lil Flip’s four-year-old son detailing some pretty Grinch-like behavior on the part of the Texas rapper. Pop the hood to read how Scrooge McFlip likes ruining Christmas for little kids.

Wesley Weston aka Lil Flip and I have a 4 year old son together. I am not one of those fame hungry women that puts all of their business out there for attention, but I feel that I have been pushed to the limit by this man, and I want people to know the real “Lil Flip”. Wesley (LilFlip) and I were together for about 6 and a half years. When we first started dating I had a 2 year old daughter that he raised as his own (she called him daddy and everything), because her real father has never been in her life. Well back in January of 2009 I decided to end our very volatile relationship due to personal reasons that I’d rather not discuss. So now, jumping forward to December of 09, he has only talked to my children maybe 5 times this year, and thats because I’ve called him! They missed their daddy, and he never calls! He didn’t even call on Christmas nor did he get his ONLY son anything! He did not get his son anything for his birthday in June, and didn’t call him either. No call onThanksgiving as well. So yesterday on Christmas, around 8pm at night he sends me a text message that said “Wow it’s 8 o’clock and you still haven’t had my son call me, great mothering skills” then went on to say that I was ungrateful, and money hungry, because I had previously asked him for a little extra money on top of the little $500 he pays a month for child support to do some Christmas shopping. He sent me $150 through western union THE DAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS knowing his son needed winter cloths and shoes!!! (I have the Western Union receipt with the date and child support paper work if you’d like me to send you all a copy). And as if that weren’t bad enough, this pompous a**hole sent my 9 year old daughter (who she refers to as daddy) a text message that said and I quote “By the way Im not your real dad, just so you’ll know the truth!” on Christmas night! So I feel I have no choice but to put his sorry a** on blast. My daughter did not deserve that, and she was so confused and upset after reading that. And I don’t allow anyone to hurt my children, not even Lil Flip. So after posting what happened on my twitter page last night, I have decided to contact you guys at bossip. I really don’t want to exploit my children, but I want people to know how arrogant and evil this man is. So I really hope you guys decide to post this. Because he basically ruined my daughters Christmas, and I am beyond pissed!

SMH! Why take your anger out on an innocent child??? On CHRISTMAS!!!

Check out a picture of Flip and the kids during happier times below:

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  • learn2love yourself

    And just to think that T.I. taught him a lesson maybe he didnt learn

  • lbstb


  • HaHaTooFunny

    Oh he dead wrong for that one… With his wack a.s.s… Thats why T.I. shut his a.s.s. down…

  • Musicalmom09

    SMH…i’m goin through the same thing…more power to you!! Deadbeats disgust me…

  • deltagirl2

    So the 9 year old has her own cell phone????

  • Boss Mane

    That’s an ez one…Don’t have kids by lame-a-zoids and expect them to become men miraclously! Bite the bullet and raise dem damn kids the best way u kno how…Karma doesn’t play…Chuuuuuch!

  • lbstb

    thats a shame this going to bite him in the azz one day. We’ll girlfriend the next time use a condom with these sorry azz rappers. They dont want kids or the responsibility of having kids its a shame that you end up holding the bag and he’s off somewhere not thinking about you or the kids

  • Aem

    Such cute kids! Look at that baby’s cheeks!

  • BC

    When are we gonna stand up my brothers?

  • lee



    Is he (lil flip) lying???

    You shouldn’t be so lucky….Houston Gold diggers! What did you do to p1ss lil flip off…run and tell that!!

  • Caramellatte30

    Pathetic! Well trust he’s not the only dead beat dad. I want these woman to just realize that If a man wants to take care of his kids and do the right thing they will do, so. If not, you know what, just go through the courts and get your child support and move on. Even though it may be frustrating you have to learn not to get so stressed out over things you can’t control. Focus on doing the best you can with your kids and teach them better. Put this way,it’s his lost..

  • Eyre

    Boooo, the broad thought her cat was gold like most empty headed pretty women do that has no drive. Why do men get these women who got babies already and have no type of ambition in the makings for one and second, why have the child if you ain’t getting married. I know that sounds selfish (I am selfish and value my self cause I got sh*t to offer). She’s the clown for even putting him out there. She needs to choose her mates more wisely. Ho8s stop having babies so willingly. Ya body is a temple of mankind and the highest honor that a man can give you is his last name and an eternity of partnership and unconditional love. F*ck lil Wayne and his comment on his baby mothers. The only one who got the highest honor was Toya due to her marriage. She couldn’t take the infidelity anymore. That’s why she got a divorce. Men don’t value women like her or others on the planet anymore. Only ho8s who have babies likle stray cats.

  • HAterz

    MAYNE???? how this fool only paying 500 a month child support????,, that I ain’t yo real daddy is some real bullsh*t…..Clover G’s???? where yall at????

  • The Truth

    Maybe she should not have lied to her daughter in the first place? Why do people try to blame other people for their shortcomings? What do you do for a living? He was with you and was kind to your daughter, this is in no way an endorsement or a decision to take on another infant.

    As for his son, yes, he may not be the best, but those are the arrangements that you people make. What exactly do people think child custody mean? You get paid to raise the child. It’s not half and half deal. If you manage to only arrange for $500 a month, then so be it, but don’t get your wires mixed up.

    I don’t understand people. Second of all, you are exploiting your children. This idea that you’ve been pushed too far is absurd. You should never discuss family matters on the net our of your own volition.

    Yes, pity women, but get real also. Both parents are responsible.

  • ALPHA1906


  • Eyre

    Oh yeah, it ain’t his fault that he isn’t her daddy. She is responsible for her daughter knowing who her folks are. I guess she gotta get back on the stroll for another rapper. Im done ya’ll. This crap burns me up when women want to drag dudes name in the mud when they don’t get what they want. Ho4s need to learn to shut up and get that paper so she and her kids can have a better life. Not depending on a man that’s not committed to her hint, hint marriage. So he really doesn’t owe her jack sh*t!

  • Mrs. Rance

    Wow. He too azzholeness to whole other level. Neither he nor mom should have passed him off as the 9 year old’s dad when that is not the case and they weren’t even married, but revealing the truth to her is something that should have been done gently. I hope he gets his azz whooped for that. It sounds like he is paying his child support and that’s great, but he needs to be a father to that little boy before he grows up and neglects his son as well. End the cycle Lil Azzhole.

  • KeepNit2Real

    deltagirl2 got some tig ol bittays!

  • http://comcast g.d.c

    @ Dr. Heather

    Totally agree!

  • Bey-nonsense

    Unfortunately, the situation is what it is. Just support your kids instead of dealing with someone who doesn’t want to be there.

  • Grown Ass Woman

    Dear BabyMomma (and BabyDaddies)
    Please take responsibility for who you sleep with and procreate with. Yes, he is WRONG but you had a clue in 6 years; and, still decided to have a child with this man. You may want to re-evaluate who you procreate with in general because this dude and your daughter’s father seem like real selfish, immature bastards.

  • keish

    He is an A$$HOLE!!! Why does his son have to call him?? His son doesn’t owe him anything! Why can’t Lil’ Flip pick up the phone and call his son himself? It only take a few minutes, and normally kids that age don’t really have much to talk about, but the fact that you called make all the difference in the world. As far as her daughter is concerned, the mother has the right to be mad as to the way Flip told her that he wasn’t her father, BUT she can’t be mad because he told her. She shouldn’t have lead her daughter to believe that Flip was really her father when she (the mother) knew he wasn’t, because eventually the daughter would have found out anyway. I can also understand about the phone calls and the money to a sense, but you can not make a man nor women do anything that they don’t want to do. Not that I am on Flip’s side at all, but at least he DOES pay the $500 a month (NOT saying that it’s enough to raise a child) But at least he does pay. Some men & women are on child support, but don’t pay and have no intentions on paying either.

  • PrettyWings29

    They’re both at fault. The mother should’ve never lied and told the other daughter that Flip was her dad. She needs to put her real father on child support and hold him up to the same level of responsibility that she’s requiring from Flip. Also, he’s not sending more money, cuz he ain’t got no money! When was the last time he had a hit, does he even tour? He’s paying his child support, but as the primary caregiver if her son needs winter clothes and shoes then she needs to chop to it. He is wrong for not calling the kids especially his son. He’s the adult. It’s his job to maintain his relationship with his son not the mom’s or the son’s. He was also wrong for texting the daughter the way he did. However, a nine year old shouldn’t have a damn cell phone. The mom needs to take the funds she’s spending on that cell phone bill and buy her baby some winter clothes!

  • I Stay on 121st Down The Street

    I went all of the subject,lol Anywho, it’s sad she got them babies in the middle of this bs…for what to make him feel bad. Terrible, just terrible,lol

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