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2020 has been TRASH in every way imaginable but at least we have a treasure trove of spooky season options that include Prime Video’s Blumhouse collection and Hulu’s Huluween collection headlined an eight-episode anthology series called “Monsterland” that’s..well, you just have to watch for yourself.

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The trending compilation of psychological thrillers sprinkled with monsters and monstrous characters stars Kaitlyn Dever, Jonathan Tucker, Kelly Marie Tran, Mike Colter, Taylor Silling, and most notably Nikki Beharie in the deeply haunting “New Orleans” episode that has Twitter in a TIZZY.

We won’t give anything away about the stressful (and potentially triggering) episode. Just know you may need an adult beverage when it’s over.

“We’re looking at how wonderfully terrifyingly beautifully human people can be,” Beharie told UPI in a recent interview. “We did this a year ago, but I couldn’t have imagined how potent, how aligned with the times, that notion would be.”

In her episode, she plays Annie, a mother and wife in New Orleans who–well, you’ll see.

“On the surface, she’s doing everything right and doing everything she should be doing to maintain the lifestyle that she wants for herself and her family, and it seems OK until you look a little bit closer,” Beharie said.

“It’s so easy to point fingers and sort of create fake news — a version that you feel more comfortable with of yourself or reality. I feel like that’s what this trippy, crazy anthology is delving into.

“It has that jazz vibe,” she added. “That music that he’s playing, the music that my character Annie hears throughout the piece, definitely stayed with me.”

The scary series is based on the collection of stories from Nathan Ballingrud’s “North American Lake Monsters”.

Peep the Twitter hysteria over Nikki Beharie’s incredible “Monsterland” performance on the flip.

“Episode 3 of #Monsterland

Whewwww. @NikkiBeharie” – EMMY!

“*sees Nicole Beharie*” – THIS WAS US

“Nicole Beharie deserves all the accolades. But we already knew this.” – ALL OF THEM

“Me opening Hulu and skipping right to Nicole Beharie’s episode of #Monsterland” – US!

“this third episode of #Monsterland w/ nicole beharie has me like” – mannnnnnn

“Hi there – please check out Episode 3 of #Monsterland on Hulu, @NikkiBeharie is scary and wonderful and the ending will have your mind BENT.” – we approve this message

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“Me excited to see Nicole Beharie in #Monsterland vs me by the end of the episode:” – whewwwww

“Me excited to see Nicole Beharie in #Monsterland vs me by the end of the episode:” – ALL OF THE THINGS

“Incredible performance from Nicole Beharie in Episode 3 ”New Orleans, LA” of #Monsterland ?! And what a great piece of writing from Mary Laws. So she knew. She really knew, as her son had whispered into her ear. She was complicit in the evil. OMG” – best episode of the series


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