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From Balloon Boy and his ridiculous-a*s parents to random domestic disputes to ridiculous acts of foolishness, 2009 has seen its share of crazy things that made us all say say hmmm… Pop the top to see our top 10 random moments of 2009.

10) Its Never Too Early to Kick Butts

An Indian boy’s parents say they have been encouraging their son to smoke since the age of three and claim his smoking skills are dazzling. But a spokesman for Guinness World Records told Ananova they do not have records for smoking and avoid youngest person achievements. Put the cigarettes down, young blood. LMAO @ this craziness in India.

9)Random Ridiculousness: Baby Bangs for the Baby Girl that Looks Like a Baby Boy

This has to be one of the craziest things we have come across this year. If you have a baby girl and she’s often mistaken for a boy then you are in luck. Some dumb a$$ came up with a new invention called Baby Bangs.

8)People Straightening Their Hair with… Africa’s Best?”

A white man broke down why Whites shouldn’t discriminate on using black no lye for their edges via youtube.

7)Woman Arrested for Going Upside her Husbands Head with a Frying Pan

71 year old Rosie Lewis was arrested after she hit her husband over the head multiple times with a frying pan. Rosie Lewis and her husband James got into an argument after he complained about what was cooked for breakfast. Rosie decided to cook her husband another meal but it only led to another argument and Mr. Lewis attempting to strike his wife with his cane.The result was James being treated by EMS for head injuries after Rosie struck him with a frying pan over his head resulting in 50 stitches to the head

6) 3 Women Super Glue a Cheating Mans Genitals

The women decided to lure the man into a Wisconsin motel by using a mistress as a decoy. Once inside the room the man was blindfolded and tied up.Guessing he was going to chop down a kinky one he prepared himself for the ride of his life only to later find his wife and two other women busting into the room to superglue

his privates and threaten to shoot him. After the incident, the wife admitted she was ashamed and was an emotional wreck!

5) 6 Women Beat up a Woman for Not Being Able to Sing at a Karaokee Bar

Six Connecticut women are facing assault charges for attacking a Westchester County woman for her amateurish karaoke performance at a bar. All six women – two 20-year-olds and four 19-year-olds from Stamford and Norwalk – were charged with misdemeanor assault, conspiracy to commit assault and breach of peace.The six suspects were released on $500 bond.

4)Random Ridiculousness Super Weave Stops Bullet Saves Womans Life

3) Plies is a Fkin Jacktard

Plies definition of a Goonette is nothing compared to the footage that follows it. This has got to be the most ignorant sh*t we’ve seen since that “Bust if Baby” f*ckery.

2) Random Ridiculousness: T-Pain Has a Funeral for Auto Tune

When T-Pain showed up to DJ Khaled’s album release party in a hearse blasting D.O.A people thought he was just being normal but we found out he actually was putting his claim to fame to rest. He hit the scene complete with a hearse and a coffin. We guess his song to Jay-Z apologizing wasn’t enough.

1) Chicks with D*cks… Is Lady GaGa Packing?

It was the question everyone wants to know the answer to… The cat or should we say pork roll came out the bag at a performance when she hopped off a motorcycle without any undies on and gave everyone a surprise.


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