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From the man who brought you militant hits such as “Cave B!t¢h”, “F**k The Police, and “The Ni**a You Love To Hate”…

Ice Cube Donald Trump

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Ice Cube is no stranger to controversy, backlash, and slander. His career has been rife with all three much to his benefit. His pointed lyrics about the hypocrisy of Amerikkka and not trusting the white man (and more specifically the Jewish man) have helped catapult his voice to the heights of social and political discourse in America for over 30 years. For better or worse, Ice Cube has always taken risks that have largely paid off for him financially and culturally.

Yesterday, he mortgaged a bit (or a lot) of that cultural currency in order to achieve what he believes to be a justifiable end. His recently released “Contract With Black America” is said to be a plan to hold the federal government responsible for helping us, its Black citizens, who have supported this Godforsaken country with our blood, sweat, and tears only to be spit on in return. You can read that HERE if you’re interested.

We all know that the current Amerikkkan system of…essentially everything is biased bulls#!t based on bigotry and we need change immediately but it makes absolutely ZERO sense to “work with” Donald Trump 20 days away from an election. It’s insane that a reasonably smart brotha like O’Shea Jackson can’t see when he’s being used. During a V-103 interview with Big Tigger this morning, Cube said the following:

I never met Donald Trump in my life. I didn’t go to the White House. I did talk to his team, ain’t nothing wrong with talking to power. Every person trying to get something done has talked to power. I expect to talk to every dam President till we get this contract done. We gotta be on the black team and whoever doing the most. That’s how we roll.


Meanwhile, Trump’s band of bootlickin’ sycophants are THRILLED to have a high-profile Black celebrity who is seeped in the hip-hop community and who is willing to “lead” us to some fictitious promised land.

The rapper confirmed the news via Twitter on Wednesday (Oct. 14) tweeting, “Facts: I put out the CWBA. Both parties contacted me. Dems said we’ll address the CWBA after the election. Trump campaign made some adjustments to their plan after talking to us about the CWBA.”

Cube tried to “clarify” his position but the damage was already done.

Again, the election is 19 days away and NOW Cube feels it appropriate to allow these people to use him for their devices. If he is willing to work with Trump and his people at this late hour “because he might win,” then he must be planning to vote for him because as dumb as this whole debacle is, it will be even stupider to do all this then vote for Biden or not vote at all.

Ice Cube was expected to appear on CNN for an interview, Thursday with Chris Cuomo. Looks like it was cancelled too:

The contract pushes for the White House to help achieve racial economic justice and equality for Black folks through representation, prison reform, and finance, all of which Trump and his goons have shown little importance to when addressing a better future for Black America. It’s important you do your part and get out to the polls while you can. November 3rd is slowly approaching.

YOU can find a comprehensive list of voting resources and key dates  HERE.


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