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The first Presidential debate between 53% of white women’s president Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden was an absolute s#!t show. We knew that there were going to be fireworks but what we saw last night was more akin to that fireworks factory that blew up in Beirut last month. Our physical selves didn’t die but a piece of our soul sure did.


Source: SAUL LOEB / Getty

Donald Trump only had one game plan. Talk as much bulls#!t as possible and create the type of chaos that his bootlickin’ base laps up like starving pussycats in an alley. Hell, he even argued with the MODERATOR Chris Wallace. There were insults, interruptions, and idiocy and it was hard to watch. Fact-checkers probably have carpal-tunnel syndrome this morning trying to sort out all the lies.

Any attempt to debate the worst moment of the night is pretty futile because it was all intensely embarrassing but undoubtedly the most viscerally reactive moment that will circulate mainstream media is when Donald Trump just couldn’t muster up the effort to condemn white supremacy in no uncertain terms.


Telling a violently racist group like The Proud Boys to “stand back and stand-by” is one of the scariest things that a president has ever said anywhere much less during a debate. It was an order and the group is reportedly celebrating their fan-flaming shoutout. Vice Presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris responded to Trump’s whistle-blowing after the debate.



Nobody won last night and the citizens of the United States lost. All of us. We’re not even sure that we need another Presidential debate. Let Kamala mop the floor with Mike Pence one time and let’s get to the polls.


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