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Cardi B wants the Offset attacks to stop.

Cardi B Sighting - Atlanta, Georgia

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Cardi B went on a Twitter tirade last night after becoming aware that she and Offset’s yo-yo marriage was the topic of conversation. The 28-year-old mother responded to one viral tweet that claims Offset was a “textbook emotional abuser.” Thousands of fans chimed in to the tweets, saying they thought Cardi B should divorce the rapper and leave him in the dust for good.

Upset at strangers meddling in her marriage, Cardi B shut down claims of abuse in a series of tweets. First things, first, Cardi clarified that SHE was the one in control of any toxic behavior in her marriage.

‘Abusive? Girl I’m the one that do the hitting and the sh*t talking. I’m just a crazy bi**h one day I wanna smack a ni**a and leave him and the I wanna ride his face and get the c** rag. Ya be trynna analyze too much when we are simply dysfunctional.”

Cardi B deleted the above tweet but did hop on video to address Twitter users directly. As she smoked a cigarette, Cardi explained herself even further.

Twitter users be like, ‘Cardi, you’re in a mentally abusive relationship! Oh my gosh, we gotta save you!’ And I be like, ‘Alright, but can I f*ck him today?’ Because I need to have sex, and n****s in my DMs talking about, ‘What up, bighead?’ I don’t like that. I’m 28 years old and my head’s not big.”

In another clip, Cardi B’s sarcasm jumped out as she said sorry to people upset over her letting Offset back after filing for divorce.


“Imma just give ya a apology because ya want me to apologize for living MY LIFE the way that ya live YOURS.Im sorry .Im not perfect I don’t want to be neither .”

Do you think people are reading too much into the marriage of two 28-year-olds?

What are YOUR thoughts on the way Cardi B is addressing her marriage??


Cardi and Offset

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