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Ice Cube.

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Ice Cube’s reputation is still sizzling over an open fire after it was revealed that he had been working with Donald Trump’s administration with naive hopes of implementing his “Contract With Black America” at literally the 25th hour of the election season.

O’Shea spent much of yesterday doing damage control interviews on various platforms with feeble attempts to justify his faux hero head-assery. One such platform was Roland Martin’s Unfiltered Daily Digital Show where sorry Mr. Jackson did a pretty poor job of explaining exactly how the Trump campaign took his CWBA into account with their previously engineered policy.

Roland asked Cube some very direct questions that stumped him like a high schooler who hadn’t done the reading prior to the exam. It was bad, not the Michael Jackson kind either. It was Fergie singing the National Anthem bad.

Martin asked Cube to cite exactly where he sees overlap with his plan and the Trump campaign’s “Platinum Plan” that would help Black folks if 53% of white women’s president remains in office. BIG flummoxing was afoot. Check out this piece of their exchange via Mediaite:

After a full ten seconds of silence as Cube stared off-camera, Martin cut in to say “You see a lot of people have been talking about this $500 billion, that’s not going to Black people. In fact, that’s just actually the infrastructure funding program, that’s not actually $500 billion going to black people.”

“How many billion is the other one giving to Black people?” Cube interrupted.

“No no no no, what I’m saying is that’s not even, they list this thing under black economic empowerment and access to capital, it says ‘seek infrastructure funding that will lead to widespread growth in the annual $500 billion federal contracting opportunities.’ That line right there is not for black people. That’s federal contracting opportunities for everybody. So that’s not, they’re trying to make it sound like ‘Oh, $500 billion to Black people. It’s not. That’s the actual annual program overall for everybody,” Martin explained.

Yeah…press play on the video below and watch as much as you can without getting second-hand embarrassment.



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